Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 41-Mother’s Day Notebook


Hello! Welcome to another Weekly Pinterest Project! I recently saw an alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day cards on several blogs and loved the idea.  Instead of cards, you create a Mother’s Day notebook where your husband and kiddos can write notes and draw pictures each year.  I love this concept because it keeps all of the Mother’s Day cards, notes, etc. in one place and it also is cheaper in the long-run, ha! I hate spending money on cards…I always go for the $1 card section when I have to buy cards. I love sending notes and wishing people happy birthday and that sort of thing, but I think it’s ridiculous how much some cards cost! Ok, rant over!

I have been keeping all of the cards I receive in a beautiful wooden box that was hand-painted by my childhood friend’s mother and given to us as a wedding present.  Isn’t it pretty?! I dug out the past four Mother’s Day cards I have received from my hubby and kiddos and taped them into a pretty notebook I bought at Target.


Here’s the completed project! So easy but very meaningful. Now all my husband has to do is write in the notebook each year!




One thought on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 41-Mother’s Day Notebook

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