Harper’s Hair Style Success! // It’s the Little Things


Hello! Last month, I posted about Harper’s hairstyle and how difficult it was to do anything with her hair.  Well, on Friday while at work I received a text from my neighbor (our neighbor’s mom is Nana, our kids’ babysitter) with the most adorable picture of Harper with pigtails!  She was able to put Harper’s hair in pigtails by distracting her with some hairbands to play with.

So on Saturday morning when I had a few minutes, I decided to try once again to put Harper’s hair in pigtails.  Success! I still need to work on getting the sides more even (her part is not exactly centered) but it looks adorable! To get Harper to cooperate, I dumped a container of hair clips and ties out on the bed.  She and Will played with them.  Will even took a hair tie and put it on his dog as a “flea collar.”


Look at my cute pigtails!

Will being silly! He wanted to style his own hair as well!


Back view of the off balanced pigtails (oh, and Will putting the flea collar on his dog!).


I’m sure her hairstyles will look better with practice, but I’m just happy that she will let me fix her hair!



8 thoughts on “Harper’s Hair Style Success! // It’s the Little Things

  1. Love her little pigtails. I can’t wait for my daughters hair to get long enough to do! She is 16 months and still bald!

    Visiting from the Little Things Link-up alycia @ Crazily Normal mitchalycia.blogspot.ca

  2. Adorable! And lol to the flea collar! I find it helps to spray the hair wet. Some people use water or hairspray. I use the California Baby Detangler Spray and a fine tooth comb and/or baby boar bristle hair brush. Also, the little Goody plastic elastics are much easier to hold fine hair tight so they don’t slip out. And to keep her still, anything to distract. TV works especially well!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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