Toddler Girl Summer Must-Haves

toddler girl summer must haves

Last week, I shared some toddler boy summer must-haves and I’m back for the toddler girl edition!

{one} ruffled swimsuit//I love the ruffles! I ended up ordering this swimsuit for Harper in purple, her favorite color.  Let’s just hope that it fits her!

{two} flip flops//I love little girl flip flops! Unfortunately, Harper cannot stand them! She is very particular about her clothes and shoes. We tried on a pair of flip flops the other evening and she had a fit! Huge meltdown on the floor, kicking and screaming:(

{three} sunhat//Fortunately, Harper doesn’t mind wearing a hat.  Loving these polka dots!

{four} sunglasses//We recently bought Harper a pair of pink sunglasses, which she loves to wear!

{five} beach towel//Some of my favorite color combos for girls–navy and pink!

{six} maxi dress//You gotta have a sundress!

How fun! I can’t wait until summer! Check back soon with a post on mommy summer must-haves!