Babywearing // It’s the Little Things


Hello! I’m linking up with Ashley and Jess for “It’s the Little Things.” I love sharing in this link up since it’s such a great way for me to document and remember the little things as a mom.

Miss Harper had a respiratory virus last week and all she wanted was for mommy to hold her.  She didn’t want daddy to hold her at all:( While I love cuddling and holding her, it’s very difficult to make dinner or get anything done around the house in the evenings.  So I gave her a choice: being held in the baby carrier, sitting on the sofa while mommy works, or let daddy hold her.  She said, “Mommy, put me in baby carrier.”  It was so nice to hold her in the carrier and snuggle with her…she hasn’t been in the baby carrier in probably over a year.  You know she must not have been feeling well if she wanted in the baby carrier, ha!



20140525-103150-37910557.jpgLooking back, I wish I would have “worn” my kiddos more.  With Will, we tried a variety of baby carriers, including the Moby and Ergo. He liked the Ergo the best but still wasn’t so fond of being carried. He preferred to just be held without the carrier! Once Harper was born, I tried to wear her more since I had a 22 month old to chase around.  I did end up using the Ergo more with her but still not nearly as much as I see some people use them.  My kiddos just weren’t that big into it.  However, I cherish the babywearing times I had and look back at these photos (and others from when Will and Harper were babies) and remember those times with great joy. I’m soaking up the last few moments when Harper still wants to be carried in the Ergo:)