5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday! Since school is almost out and it’s practically summer (yay!), I thought I would share some of my favorite summer activities from last year.  I also created a summer bucket list full of fun activities we hope to accomplish this summer:)

{one} We started taking the kiddos on hikes last summer, which was so much fun! Will’s a pretty good trooper and Miss Harper enjoys her ride in style! We plan on doing more hikes this summer and getting outside more.

summer hikes

{two} Growing up, my husband and I went to our local state fair.  We took Will and Harper last year (Harper for the first time; Will had been once before when he was one) and they loved it! Will is a ride junkie…he wanted to go on all of the rides!

state fair

{three} Catching fireflies at Grammy’s house last year.  Will’s cool aunt was helping the kiddos catch fireflies (or lightning bugs-what do you call them?) last summer.

catching fireflies

{four} Playing in the water! We bought a small inflatable pool last summer and the kiddos loved splashing around in it.  They also enjoy the water table.

water fun

{five} Exploring our local parks…we have numerous parks in our area and I’m sure we will visit them all of them this summer.  Here’s Miss Harper trying to catch up with her big brother.  I can’t get over how small she was last summer! While she’s still petite, she has definitely grown a lot since last year.

playing at the park

What’s on your summer bucket list?!


8 thoughts on “5 on Friday!

  1. I love pictures of kids on carousels! Aria is totally into the rides too. The inflatable pool is a total summer must, so much fun…esp if it is big enough for mom to flop in too! That’s what I say anyways =) I miss all the hiking trails we had in Boulder, CO when I went to uni there. My neck of FL…not so much.

  2. These are such fun ideas! I’m about to have my first kiddo, so even though it will be a while before he will really enjoy these kinds of activities, it’s always good to have some ideas of what you can do on those summer days! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  3. State and county fairs are so much fun! It’s good to make plans for the fun stuff you want to do over the summer!

  4. My kids LOVE hiking too! So we’ll definitely be doing that as well. We will also be heading to the zoo quite a bit. And let me just say, your daughter is too cute climbing into the pool with her pink suit!

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