Strawberry Picking!

strawberry picking collageOn Saturday, we went to a local farm to pick strawberries.  This has become a family tradition and is on our summer bucket list.  I love to go back and look at pictures from previous years. We started strawberry picking in the spring of 2012 when Harper was just two months old. You can’t really see her since she’s being carried in the Ergo by my husband.  Last year, Harper was one and Will was three.  We initially went to a strawberry farm right up the road, but if you don’t get there by 7am and start picking, you won’t get any berries! There’s no way we were getting to the strawberry field that early, so we found another farm that’s about 30 minutes from our house where we started going last year.  I love that they have these fun red wagons to borrow as you walk to the strawberry patch, which is across the road and up the field from where you park.

This year, both kiddos were really into picking (and eating) strawberries! They had strawberry juice all over their faces! Will loved carrying the berry box and Harper had fun running up and down the patch:) We picked several pounds and enjoyed some yummy strawberry cider donuts.

Now that we have several pounds of strawberries, I’m off to find a new strawberry dessert recipe.  I’m thinking about making a strawberry pie…yum!


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