Will’s Imagination // It’s the Little Things

20140604-203807-74287935.jpgHello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”  Will has such a wonderful imagination.  We were driving the other day and he pointed out an elephant in the sky as well as a rhinoceros and a turtle.  The entire drive, he kept pointing out shapes he saw in the sky.  20140604-203809-74289113.jpgThis kiddo loves to build forts.  He will tear apart his room and our bonus room while he makes elaborate forts and ant holes (that’s what he told us he made the other day!).

20140604-203808-74288758.jpgWill loves the outdoors as well.  He would be outside 24-7 if we let him! His latest favorite activity outside is to swing.  He’s learning how to swing on his own but for now, he wears us out with pushing him so much on the swings! 20140604-203808-74288389.jpgSweet boy…I’m looking forward to spending all summer with you and your sister and all the fun adventures we will have and memories we will make:)


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