Easy Grilled Jalapeños

Hello! I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner for her weekly Show Us Your Life.  Today’s topic is favorite grilling recipes. I love it when we grill because it means that my husband makes dinner! I don’t grill at all but love it when he does:)  We say every summer that we are going to grill at least once a week but that never ends up happening. I really want to make more of a point to grill more.

Last weekend, my husband grilled turkey burgers and grilled jalapeños.  To make the jalapeños, you cut the tops off and take out all the seeds.  My husband wore gloves when he did this and I refused to even help with this part.  Contact lenses and jalapeños do not mix!

Cut cubes of cheese (we used sharp cheddar) and wrap a piece of bacon (we used turkey bacon) around the cheese.  Stuff into the jalapeños and grill for approximately 20-30 minutes at medium/high heat.  We got a fancy jalapeño grilling holder recently that worked nicely.  However, you could just put them on the grill and cook.

The jalapeños were super yummy with great flavor but I could only eat one…they were that hot! My husband ate several of them! Yum!

What are your favorite grilling recipes?  I’m on the hunt for a good turkey burger recipe.



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