5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Christina and several others for 5 on Friday! I love this weekly random blog link up and enjoy reading other 5 on Fridays:)

{one} Graham crackers…I usually don’t eat them as a snack. I prefer them with s’mores or as part of a crust for a cheesecake.  However, I came across these thick cinnamon graham crackers at Trader Joe’s recently and love them! Will and Harper love them as well. You must try them, especially if you already like graham crackers!


{two} My Lisa Leonard necklace collection continues to grow! I wanted to get a necklace for Mother’s Day but the one I wanted was sold out.  I kept checking, and a few weeks ago, the fresh cut birthstone necklace was back in stock! I had Harper and Will’s names stamped on the front (not shown since I use their middle names on this blog) and their birthstones attached to them.  So pretty! 20140616-133823-49103990.jpg

{three} Chrissy from Simple Joys Blog and I hosted a fun summer blog gift exchange. Below are the fun goodies I received from Taylor of A Princess Made Mommy. Check out the full recap of what I received here and to see links to those who participated in the gift exchange. 20140616-133823-49103669.jpg

{four} Homemade frosty! Yum! Last summer, I came across this recipe for a homemade frosty similar to those at Wendy’s. I made it several times last year and last week our neighbor invited us to their house for a frosty.  The recipe makes so much that we each made a batch in our ice cream maker (she recently scored the same ice cream maker as me at a yard sale for $5! How cool is that?!).  Will and Harper were so excited about the homemade frosty and anxiously asked me every two minutes if it was finished yet! This is a fun and super easy summer treat!


{five} I purchased this cute beach towel for Miss Harper recently from Pottery Barn Kids. It was on sale and I had free shipping, so it wasn’t too bad of a price.  It’s so cute, with a pink whale in the middle! It matches Will’s blue and white striped one with a green turtle. Now we’re ready for the beach!20140616-133822-49102930.jpgI hope y’all have a wonderful Friday:)



4 thoughts on “5 on Friday!

  1. LOVE that beach towel! I need to get miss C one so I might be checking out PB Kids! I also love that necklace. I’m going to check out her shop – I’ve been wanting something to represent me or me and my kiddo and your necklace gives me an idea! Happy Friday!

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