{first dentist visit!}

I took Will to his first “official” dentist visit last week! Will went with me last year to my dental cleaning just so he could see what all happens at the dentist.  He had a blast and was thrilled when the hygienist let him try out all the tools.  So cool!

When I took him last week, he wanted to play with all the tools again and asked tons of questions about how the tools work and what they are used for.

Checking out the tools with Harper. I debated not taking her but decided that she needs to get familiar with the dentist as well.  I was armed with snacks to keep her occupied in case I needed them, ha!


Getting ready for his teeth cleaning. He was reluctant to have his teeth cleaned, so she did the best she could. The hygienist said that with each visit, it will get easier and he will be more willing to have his teeth cleaned.  20140619-205537-75337488.jpg

Miss Harper wanted to get right in the action.20140619-205537-75337751.jpg

Waiting on the dentist.


Checking over his teeth.



Snacking and waiting on big brother to be done. 20140619-205539-75339734.jpg

I was so proud of how Will did! 20140619-205539-75339447.jpg


After the dentist appointment (who schedules their kid’s dentist appointment for 8am in the summer? Me, I guess!), we headed to Panera for breakfast. Yum! I hadn’t been to Panera for breakfast before, but it was yummy! I had an egg and cheese on ciabatta and the kids shared a bagel and cream cheese and some fruit.20140619-205539-75339970.jpg

The super nice thing about our local Panera is the kids’ play area. There is seating right beside the play area, so we ate breakfast and the kids played while I finished my breakfast and read a few blogs. 20140619-205540-75340242.jpg

20140619-205541-75341330.jpgWhat a fun morning! A trip to the dentist and going out to eat for breakfast!



2 thoughts on “{first dentist visit!}

  1. This reminds me I need to set up an appointment for Elin to have her first visit! I don’t think our visit will go so well. Will did such a great job! I love that little Farmer’s Market stand for kids at your Panera! So cute!

    • I think Will did so well because he is four. I took him last year when he was three just to watch when I had my appointment. There’s no way I would take Harper now at two. She isn’t ready and I’m pretty sure it would turn into a disaster. My dentist (and pediatrician) both said that four is a good age unless we notice concerns before then. I’m glad I waited until he was four to take him.

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