Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 46-Magic Shell


Hello! I have a tasty summer treat for you today! Magic shell! I never had this stuff growing up, but I had it recently at a grade level ice cream party at school.  That night, I came home and got on Pinterest in search of a homemade magic shell recipe.  I remember seeing one a while back and wanted to try it.

This magic shell is so, so easy! All you do is melt one cup of chocolate chips (I used Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips) and two tablespoons of coconut oil together.  Melt for short increments (30 seconds), stir, and repeat until it’s completely melted.  You can use any kind of chocolate chips, including white chocolate.


This was my first time using coconut oil…any suggestions on what to do with the rest of it?


Our neighbor happened to make homemade vanilla ice cream so we tried out the magic shell with it.  Since the homemade ice cream was melting fast, it worked best to stir in the chocolate.  This way, there were hardened chunks of dark chocolate…so yummy!


I bought some small mason jars and made some magic shell for a friend of mine. I decorated the jar with a cupcake wrapper, some ribbon, and a wooden spoon with washi tape.  20140608-204400-74640964.jpgYou should try this easy and super yummy ice cream topping! I plan on trying it with different types of chocolate chips:)


9 thoughts on “Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 46-Magic Shell

  1. Love the way you wrapped up the mason jar. I have heard people say that use Coconut oil like lotion. Especially for dry areas like elbows. I also heard people will use it in their hair like a deep conditioner.

    • Ha, yes! I need to check out uses for coconut oil on Pinterest! Yay! I checked this morning and saw that you had gotten my name! How fun! We’re looking forward to it:)

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