{Thoughts for Thursday}



Hello! I’m linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday.

I am helping out with VBS as a crew leader (Will was in my group) all week and am worn out! Chasing around a group of preschoolers will do that, ha!

Here are some things that are happening around our house…

Summer reading…I love Emily Giffin’s books and was excited to read her latest. My friend borrowed it from the library and passed it on to me (thanks, Ashley!), but I just couldn’t get into it. It focused too much on football.  I’m not into sports but was going to give it a try.  Well, I got half-way through it and decided that the sports talk was just too much.  Any recommendations for good summer reads?  Something light and fun?


The adventures of potty training have started…we picked up some potty essentials a few weeks ago and have been working on sitting on the potty. Harper wakes up most mornings with a dry diaper so I immediately stick her on the potty. She also wakes up from her naps with a dry diaper, which is great! With Will, he was super easy to potty train. However, I waited until he was three and was ready for it. I’m not sure that Harper is completely ready, but we’re working on it slowly.


Fixin’ cars…my husband and his co-worker were repairing my car last week, so Will decided he needed to “fix” his car as well.  Daddy gave him a few tools to play with and he had a blast! Harper wanted to get in the action, too!20140619-205219-75139693.jpg

Lilies…my husband has a beautiful lily garden and the lilies are in full bloom now.  He has a variety of lilies in all different colors–so pretty!20140619-205220-75140830.jpg

We have been grilling more this summer than we have in the past, yay! The other day I made some grilled honey lime chicken and roasted vegetables. Well, I just made the marinade and my husband grilled it, ha! It was such an easy and delicious meal! You just marinate the chicken in some soy sauce, honey, and lime juice and grill. How easy is that?!20140619-205220-75140531.jpgHave a wonderful {almost} weekend!


4 thoughts on “{Thoughts for Thursday}

  1. I’d rec Jennifer Crusie, I’ve read most of hers but Bet Me was a fave. Or, Sophie Kinsella, I think she wrote the shopaholic series, but I didn’t read that…I did read a few others, I liked I’ve Got Your Number. I love Emily Giffin but I haven’t heard great things about that newest one. Less light and fun, but one of my fave reads is Discovery of Witches by Harkness.

    Grilling! We need to do that some more. Way easy for me =)

  2. Thanks for joining our link up!! I haven’t been able to get into the last two Emily Giffen books so I don’t even want to give this one a shot. Have you read The Husband’s Secret or What Alice Forgot? Same author and I thought they were both really good. I love anything by Elin Hilderbrand- good summer reads. I also really enjoyed Where’d you go bernadette.
    The car fixing is too cute and those grilled veggies looks delicious!

    • Thanks! No, if you weren’t able to get into Giffin’s last two books, don’t even try this one unless you really like football, ha! I will check out those book recs, thanks!

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