{thoughts for thursday}


Hello! I’m linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts on Thursday!

Today is just a random photo post of all our fun summer happenings! We’ve been busy:)

Last week, I helped out at VBS as a crew leader for Will and several other preschoolers.  Let me tell you…hanging out all night with a bunch of four year olds will wear you out! We had lots of fun, though…and it was a cool theme-Weird Animals.20140629-154152-56512094.jpg

Big girl playing with play-dough.  I hid animals in the play-dough and she had lots of fun finding them!20140629-154150-56510790.jpg

Will decided he wanted to “wear” his puppy dog. He put on my Ergo and walked around the house styling in his cool shades and pajamas!20140629-154151-56511677.jpg


Storytime at the local library.  We’ve been trying to get to the library at least once a week for storytime and to check out books.


Haircut time! Will desperately needed a haircut…it was so bad I couldn’t remember when he had gotten a hair cut last. Once we got to our hair stylist, we realized that it had been since Easter break! No wonder his hair was so LONG!! Any time we get Will’s hair cut, Harper has to get hers “cut” as well, ha!



Loving the outdoors (and those cute pigtails!)!


Craft/activity time at VBS.


And more scenes from VBS…


On Friday, we met up with a friend and her daughter at a local bounce house. I hadn’t been there before but it was lots of fun! The bounce house/fun center had an hour and a half blocked off for kids to come play, so we spent the entire time running around and jumping in the bounce houses. They also had a train table and some smaller toys for younger kids, which was great for Harper. 20140629-154154-56514918.jpg


Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “{thoughts for thursday}

  1. I love will carrying his puppy in the ergo! so freaking cute! I also love everytime I see harpers pigtails – probably bc my LO always pulls her out! looking like a great summer so far!

  2. So busy!!! So fun!!! I want a bounce house area! Those pigtails are the best! I love him carrying around the pup in a carrier, good daddy in the making.

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