{summer bucket list // picnic and park fun}

Summer Bucket List Happy Fourth of July!

I’m linking up with Jenny from The Chronicles of We, Courtney of Sweet Turtle Soup, and several other bloggers for a summer bucket list link-up! This week, I took Will and Harper on an adventure to a new park.  Every week this summer, my plan is to take them on a fun trip someplace new and exciting, beyond the regular trips to the park and the story times at the library that we do throughout the week.  So far, we’ve been to a local lake, a peach orchard for their fun kids’ program, and to a creamery. I found a wonderful place approximately an hour from home-it’s a fun nature center/garden where children are able to explore in the coolest play trail ever.  It’s like being in your own little forest/playworld made especially for kids to explore nature.  So fun! And the best part was that it was free! Donations are accepted to help them maintain the grounds. I love their trail rules! IMG_5963 Climbing on the logs. IMG_5965 Running through the willow tunnel. IMG_5967 IMG_5970 This was Will and Harper’s favorite play area-the Dirty Bistro and Mud Kitchen.  They had bunches of old pots and pans set up for kids to play and cook in the kitchen.  In the kitchen was a sink and nearby was a bathtub full of mud and a bucket of water where the kids could make mud pies. How cool is that?! The Dirty Bistro consisted of tree stump chairs and a table where the mud pies could be served. IMG_5973 Harper climbing up to Will in the Dirty Bistro. IMG_5976 IMG_5978 The kitchen area. IMG_5980 Dale’s Creek, where the kids could splash around. IMG_5984 Going through Tiny House Mountain. IMG_5990 Exploring the tunnel. IMG_5998 Entering the woods to head to the Haiku House. Will especially loved opening and closing these doors (he’s obsessed with doors and door handles and has to figure out how different doors work). IMG_6005 The Haiku House. IMG_6007 Playing with the doors more. IMG_6019 Digging in the rock pit. IMG_6026 Looking for fish in the creek. IMG_6030 Making mud pies! IMG_6033 Eating a picnic lunch. IMG_6037 We enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch in the shade and were planning on staying for a while longer.  However, after Will finished eating lunch, he headed back to the kitchen and got stung by some yellow jackets.  He got stung several times on both ankles and screamed and cried for a while. Some nice people who were at the play trail helped me carry my cooler and blanket back to the car. I carried a screaming Will on one side and an extremely tired Harper on the other side. It was so kind of them to help me out! I found a nearby store and bought some itch cream for Will.  By that point, he had calmed down and we were able to enjoy some frozen yogurt before heading back home.  I plan on taking the kiddos back to this fun place! It was a blast and so fun for the kids to explore nature and to get dirty and messy! It was such a magical place!


6 thoughts on “{summer bucket list // picnic and park fun}

  1. Oh so sorry he got stung – what an awful way to end what I’m sure was a really fun morning. I hope he felt better after that fro yo! That trail/park looks totally amazing! That seems well worth the hour drive! I love the little house and the Bistro kitichen. The rules are great too — so nice to see it so kid friendly 🙂

  2. Now that is a reallllly cool park! Sooooo creative, I love it. I want that to be my backyard! Super cute rules, it is perfect.Too bad about the stings though, I hate bugs esp the kind that sting!

  3. Wow – what a cool place to discover and explore (minus the stings, of course). Every little one should get to experience making mud pies and climbing through tunnels!

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