{oh hey Friday!}


Hey! Happy Friday! I’m linking up with The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm for their brand new link up, “oh hey Friday!” I’m so glad they decided to pick up with a Friday link up that’s similar to 5 on Friday. I’ve really been missing the 5 on Friday link up and loved reading other 5 on Fridays.  

Here are my five!

{one} We took Will and Harper bowling the other week. It was our first time taking the kiddos, and they had a good time. I signed them up for the Kids Bowl Free program, so their game was free (I just had to pay for shoe rental). You should check out the Kids Bowl Free program! It’s fun!


{two} This broken piece from a screwdriver was in my tire! Yikes! I went home to visit my in-laws earlier in the week and before I left, my husband told me to keep an eye on my tire. It looked slightly lower than the others. Luckily, I made it to WV and back without any problems. but the next day I took it to the tire place since it seemed like there was a slow leak.  Well, the guy working at the tire place brought me this (big!) gem and said it was lodged in my tire. Wow! 
{three} Walks with the neighbors. We walked up the road the other evening to visit our friends, Isaac, the donkey, and Shadow, the horse. While we were there, the kiddos used the horse trailer as a jungle gym!
{four} Painted piggies! Have you heard of Piggy Paint before? It’s a non-toxic, low odor, kid friendly nail polish that says it’s “natural as mud,” ha! I bought some from a local diaper/natural store when it was on sale a few weeks ago and finally got Harper still enough to paint her piggies! I kept her occupied by giving her a few new kitchen utensils she hadn’t played with before. So cute! I might need to buy a few more colors:) 
{five} I took the kiddos to Nana’s on Monday for a few hours so I could get some work done around the house. It’s amazing how much I can get done without two little ones in the house! They had a blast and I was able to be super productive for the morning. Here they are zooming around Nana’s!
20140710-143613-52573485.jpgHappy Friday:)



8 thoughts on “{oh hey Friday!}

  1. Callie loves it when I paint her toe & finger nails! We have that polish too and it’s great. It also wipes off skin (floor, clothes, etc) really easy which is great when she insists on painting her own toes! And yay for bowling — that’s on my list too for this summer! Happy Friday!

  2. Painted piggies! Cute name! I’ve heard of Ella + Mila nail polish before but not that one. Aria just gets Essie toes. She’s getting so good at sitting still for em too.
    Bowling! Can’t wait to have a bowling party for Aria one day. For some reason that is the pinnacle for me ha.

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