sweet treats {summer bucket list}



Hello! I’m linking up with JennyCourtney, and several other bloggers for their summer bucket list! 

This week it’s all about sweet treats! My husband has been eyeing a soft serve ice cream maker for several years now and he finally decided to snatch it up on Amazon for a great deal. We have a regular Cuisinart ice cream maker that we like but he loves soft serve and we thought it would be fun to have, especially now that we have kiddos:) 

I whipped up the basic vanilla ice cream base while the kids were napping and put it in the fridge to chill. All I did was mix together milk, vanilla, sugar, and heavy cream.  So simple!

I played outside with Will and Harper (and our neighbors-we invited them for ice cream!) while my husband put together the ice cream maker. It has three cool dispensers where you can add mix-ins like m&ms or other small pieces of candy. We didn’t try that out since we just wanted to see how well it made soft serve ice cream. Next time though, we plan on using the mix-in feature to swirl in some candy! 

IMG_6615IMG_6688We all enjoyed the yummy treat! It turned out really well and reminded me of the soft serve ice cream machines we had in college.  

IMG_6693 IMG_6700This was the only pic of Will that I got-he ate his ice cream fast and went back to playing! Miss Harper, on the other hand, is a very S-L-O-W eater (not complaining though!), so I was able to capture a few more pics of her enjoying our homemade soft serve:) 


IMG_6729What summer treats have you enjoyed this summer? 


6 thoughts on “sweet treats {summer bucket list}

  1. oh man, the one of Harper with the spoon in her mouth! my fave! so cute, so serious. My husband would love something like this! So much fun, all the ice cream possibilities!

  2. OMG I want a soft serve Ice cream machine! We have one that attaches to our Kitchen Aid stand mixer but that’s just regular ice cream! Soft serve looks way more fun!!! Thanks for linking up with us again this week!!

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