{cousin fun!}

Last week, I headed home to WV with Will and Harper to visit my in-laws and my brother-in-law and his family, who were in from Kentucky for a few days. My husband had to work, so I made the close to 2 hour drive by myself (the first time I have driven home with both kiddos by myself-usually my hubby comes with me). It wasn’t a bad drive at all-we didn’t have to stop either way!

My mother-in-law (Mimi) wanted to get some professional pictures of her four grandchildren, so this was the perfect time! She wanted to do a red, white, and blue color theme since it was close to July 4th. I wasn’t sure what my nieces would be wearing so I brought an assortment of mostly white and blue clothes for Harper and Will (they don’t have many articles of clothing that are red!).

My nieces, V, who is six, and E, who is four, were dressed in the cutest skirts! They matched really well with Will and Harper’s outfits!

Luckily, the photo shoot took only ten minutes! Harper was not in the mood for pics after being in the car for almost two hours. The pics turned out cute-though they are studio pictures, which are not my cup of tea at all. I prefer more natural pictures outdoors and not so posed. Anyway, I will order a print of all four kiddos for my photo gallery wall at home.

This was after the photo shoot-I tried to snap a few pics of the cousins together.  The kids were all pictured-out but I got some fun shots of them playing.


I’m able to get more photos of Harper since Will is constantly on the move-that child never stops!





Eating lunch outside. IMG_6535

Taking a walk in the neighborhood.IMG_6539

Playing choo choo train and school bus while waiting on dinner to be ready. Poor Will is the only boy!IMG_6563

 Enjoying popsicles after a yummy dinner of grilled chicken and salad.  Mimi made blueberry cobbler, so the adults enjoyed cobbler a la mode while the kiddos had popsicles.

IMG_6594After dinner, I gave the kids a chance to play outside for a while. Then I gave them baths and we loaded up to head back home. Luckily, they slept most of the way and went right to bed at 9 when we arrived home.

We had a blast playing and visiting with our cousins:)


4 thoughts on “{cousin fun!}

  1. All in one day!? That’s pretty amazing all by yourself!!! Emma looks totally adorable in that dress – it looks perfect for the occasion. What creative kids to take those chairs and play train/bus!

  2. awesome! and awesome that they did well in the car both ways. We love leaving at bedtime to go home and Aria sleeps so well. Love Harper’s dress! Fun that they had a great day of cousin play. and hopefully the pro shots will all be wonderful for your mother in law.

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