Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 52-Peanut Butter Sheet Cake


Today’s post marks the 52nd Pinterest project I’ve completed! Yahoo! I made it a whole year posting a new Pinterest craft or food item I’ve made on a weekly basis! Today’s post is two in one. I kept seeing a peanut butter sheet cake all over Pinterest and Facebook and wanted to try it. I have made a Texas sheet cake before (chocolate cake with delicious chocolate icing) but hadn’t made a peanut butter cake before now. However, all the recipes I found called for buttermilk and I wasn’t going to get a quart of buttermilk just to use a small amount of it. I googled how to make buttermilk and came up with all sorts of ways to make it, including adding vinegar, lemon juice, or cream of tarter to milk. I happened to have some sour cream that needed used up, so I mixed together sour cream and milk to make buttermilk. It seemed to work well-it was super easy and I loved that I didn’t have to go to the store, ha!IMG_6814I just mixed the milk right into the sour cream container.


For the peanut butter sheet cake, I used this recipe. I highly recommend making this cake for a large gathering-it makes a huge amount (you bake it in a 10×15 jelly roll pan)!


IMG_6822I thought the cake was good (I prefer chocolate though) but the peanut butter icing was really good! I made the icing on the stove by boiling butter, peanut butter, and milk and added powdered sugar and vanilla to the mixture. It was almost like eating peanut butter fudge!


A full recap of my year of Pinterest projects will be on the blog later this week!


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