Summer Fun!

Summer is here! We’re only a few days into our official summer vacation (aka mommy’s out of school for the summer) but we’ve already had tons of fun in the past couple of weeks.  Here are some of the fun things we’ve been doing…

Eating popsicles20140608-142503-51903810.jpgPlaying in the park (in the rain!)20140608-142504-51904601.jpgPlaying on the gym set20140608-142504-51904859.jpgRunning around20140608-142504-51904080.jpgRiding Pooh and lion cars20140608-142505-51905652.jpgSummer selfie!20140608-142505-51905847.jpgBounce house20140608-142505-51905392.jpgEnjoying ice cream20140608-142506-51906113.jpgPicking strawberries20140608-142506-51906682.jpgMore fun at the playground20140608-142504-51904349.jpgSwinging20140608-142506-51906398.jpgAnd more swinging…20140608-142506-51906962.jpgExploring the science museum20140608-142508-51908060.jpgPool party fun!20140608-142509-51909058.jpgFarmer’s market20140608-142508-51908536.jpgClimbing20140608-142507-51907781.jpgEnjoying birthday cupcakes


Gardening20140608-142507-51907236.jpgWagon rides20140608-142510-51910827.jpgPlaydate20140612-140006-50406718.jpgRiding bikes20140612-140006-50406011.jpgWe are ready to enjoy many more days of summer fun!



Down on the Farm

We have lived out in the “country” for almost seven years. My husband and I built our house in May 2007 and moved from the “city” to the country. I use these terms loosely since the “city” we lived in was very small and now that we are out in the county, it’s not that far from the nearest grocery store.  I grew up out in the boonies, about 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store (which was located in a small town with a population of approximately 5,000), so where we currently live isn’t very rural at all. But we love it here! Our property is next to a small dairy farm owned by a very nice Mennonite family.  The brother and his wife and family live on the main farm and the brother’s sister, M. lives in a small house on the same farm.  She’s the one I text whenever there’s a cow out, ha!

The other week, M. invited us to come watch them milk the cows. It happened to be the same weekend that my husband’s parents were visiting, so we took Mimi and Grandaddy along.  Miss H. was particularly fasciated by the farm dog, Hope, who gave Harper lots of kisses.  Will was a little more hesitant of Hope, which suprised me, since he usually loves dogs.





M. gave us the run-down of how the dairy operations work (we had visited several years ago and watched them milk, but this was the first time that Will and Harper had been there). Below are Will and Harper, along with M’s nephew and nieces. They are the sweetest children, so polite and kind.


Harper took off her coat and wanted to stay awhile. She literally took it off and was about to throw it on the ground…thank goodness I caught it!




Then, M. put Will and Harper up to pet the cows while they were being milked.  They loved it!  We got to taste some whole milk and some whole chocolate milk-both were so rich and delicious!  They also sell eggs, so we picked up a dozen of their fresh farm eggs.

The kiddos took us to see the calves, who stay in a nearby barn.  They were so, so white! While in the barn, a mouse ran across the ground and terrified me. I absolutely cannot stand mice.  Yuck.  We also got to see Chubbs, the pig that they’re raising to eat.  When it was time to go, Harper had a meltdown and wanted to stay.  I think we might have a little farm hand in our future, ha!

M. and her brother and family have been great neighbors.  They plow us out any time we get lots of snow, like this past week. Otherwise, we would still be trapped at home.  We help them out by watching out for runaway cows, and we often herd the cows back in the field when we can.  I’m so glad for the opportunity to live near them and for my kiddos to see what farm life is like.



Oh, Pinterest…



Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.  I am a little obsessed with pinning things on Pinterest.  Any time I see something cool on someone’s blog (or   when browsing Pinterest), I just can’t help but pin it to one of my fifty-nine boards.  Yikes! On my fifty-nine boards, I have 4,295 pins (which  I’m sure will increase by the time I publish this post.  My problem is figuring out which project to do next.  I love trying out new recipes and finding fun crafts for the kiddos.  As a result, I created a weekly Pinterest Project post where I feature some of my Pinterest successes and fails.  However, with so many pins, it becomes difficult to decide what to do next.  I’ve been getting overwhelmed with the amount of projects that I would like to try.

What I have decided to do is create a weekly plan of things I want to accomplish.  This list isn’t strictly related to Pinterest and includes activities I want to do with the kiddos, things I need to do around the house, some “me time,” and ideas for blog posts.  Of course, there are the usual chores that need to be done every week-meal planning, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, etc.-but the things on this list will go beyond that.  For example, I want to become more organized.  I might tackle the kids’ closets next weekend, but the following weekend, I might take a break from organizing and create a Valentine’s Day craft.

I found a cute notepad for list taking at Target’s dollar aisle that I plan on using.  I’ll jot down my ideas at the beginning of the week and go from there.

Another reason I’m feeling stressed is because of my post on 14 in 2014.  There are lots of goals I want to accomplish in 2014, and I need to keep reminding myself that it’s just the start of the year.  I have plenty of time to work on these goals, and if I don’t finish, it’s ok.  They are simply goals.

Any suggestions on how you organize projects so that they’re not overwhelming?!

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for a fun Five on Friday!


{one} Brrr…it’s been cold here in Virginia!! The overnight lows this week were around -12 with the windchill! So, so cold! We had a two hour delay twice this week due to the cold temps, which was nice. I love being able to sleep a little longer and spending more time with my kiddos in the morning before work. However, the delay schedules make for very hectic days at school.

With these cold temperatures, I’m trying to get creative with activities for Will and Harper. They love being outside, so being cooped up is difficult. Any suggestions on good inside activities?



{two} I made some delicious banana muffins. These muffins are extra scrumptious, with Greek banana yogurt in the batter and sprinkles on top! I originally found the recipe on Darci’s blog. Will and Harper enjoyed these muffins as well:)



{three} I have been working on organizing our closets. Here is the closet in our small laundry/mud room that I’m (still in the process of) rearranging. Will loves to do art projects, so I’m giving him several shelves in the closet where he has access to his materials.


{four} I came across this beautiful dish mat on Etsy via this blog. What a great idea! Wouldn’t that mat look much prettier on your counter than the bulky dish drainer? It would save on space as well, since you could fold it up and tuck it away when the dishes were dry. I might just have to buy one!


{five} What Does the Fox Say? I’m loving Miss Harper’s new fox pajamas from Old Navy! She got these for Christmas from her Grammy (my mom). Harper’s a little obsessed with her fox and her kitty jammies and throws a fit when we have to get dressed in the mornings, ha! Old Navy always has such cute pajamas for girls and boys. It’s our go to store for kids’ pjs! (*not compensated, just love their pjs!).

Stay warm, and have a great weekend:)


Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving yesterday at my in-laws.

I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday! Once again, I’m relying on iPhone pics. Our computer is still not working…we’ve taken it to two computer repair places and the techs haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong. It’s driving me crazy not having access to my pics. It’s also difficult writing blog posts on my iPhone.

{1} We are preparing for winter! The other day we bought snow boots and a snowsuit for Will and hats and mittens for both kiddos. Will was obsessed with wearing his snow boots around the house! Here he is modeling his stylish boots, ha! He’s really excited about playing in the snow this year and building snowmen! We have a hill in our front yard where we will do some sledding!


{2} I bought some soft, cozy flannel sheets at Target last week. They are so nice and warm! I changed my duvet to a blue/purple cover that I bought at West Elm several years ago (but had forgotten about). It goes well with the new flannel sheets! Will and Harper love to sit in our bed on the weekends when they wake up and eat Cheerios!


{3} Yummy! We found these delicious white chocolate peppermint M&Ms at Target last week.  They are so, so good! I didn’t realize how much my husband liked peppermint.  He said it’s one of his favorite flavors.  Mine is pumpkin, but I really like peppermint as well.  Now I’m in search of a chewy chocolate peppermint cookie recipe for Christmas!  Any suggestions on other peppermint desserts?


{4} I’m trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done in the next week or two and have been searching for some creative gift ideas for Will’s preschool teacher and aide.  I came across this cute DIY snow globe gift card holder   from The Creative Mama and thought it was so neat! I also pinned a few other gift ideas on Pinterest.


{5} Will and I created a countdown to Christmas chain last week.  We’re going to use this in conjunction with a list of 25 Christmas countdown activities.  More about this in an upcoming post, but the activities include making gingerbread and/or peppermint play dough, donating toys to Salvation Army, and creating snowflakes.  And no, I’m not one of those people who puts up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! The only thing I have put up is this chain, since there was no safe place in the house where Miss H. wouldn’t tear it apart, ha!