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Last week, we headed to our local county fair for a night of fun. Harper and Will received free gate passes from their summer reading program (sidenote: we got some nice prizes from our local libraries-free passes to a bounce house, free books, fair tickets, coupons for free fro yo, and Harper won one of the end of summer raffles, which was a $10 gift certificate to a local Mexican restaurant that we all love!). Anyway, this was our first time going to our county fair.  I grew up going to the State Fair of West Virginia (in my hometown), so our county fair was quite small. However, we got to pet some animals, look at fun exhibits, and check out the fun rides (though we didn’t ride any). 

Milking cows…you’d think that my kiddos would be tired of seeing cows since we live right beside a dairy farm, but no, they love cows!


Checking out the animals.  Harper and Will got in the pen to pet the calves!IMG_5074.JPG


Smoky the Bear!IMG_5081.JPG

Checking out the tractors…IMG_5087.JPG

And of course Harper had to do the same thing!IMG_5090.JPG

Inspecting the fire trucks. IMG_5097.JPG

Ready to roll!IMG_5107.JPG

This is a really neat sensory activity! A swimming pool full of corn with scoopers and toys. Harper and Will could have stayed there for hours playing in it!IMG_5126.JPG


Last weekend, we headed to the WV State Fair for one last hurrah before I had to go back to work.  


Although it was very cloudy, it didn’t rain at all. It was actually nice weather-not too hot. IMG_9426Will LOVED the rides! We only bought a few tickets because they were pricy and we weren’t sure how much the kids would ride.  Well, next year we will be buying the ride bracelets which lets the kiddos have unlimited access to the rides!IMG_9463I rode the carousel with Will and Harper. IMG_9436IMG_9471Daddy and Harper on the Teacup ride!IMG_9488Silly pic!IMG_9509

IMG_9516 IMG_9547Eating some yummy Ben Ellen Donuts (a fair favorite-they taste like nutmeg!).IMG_9578While watching Galaxy Girl spin around and climb the tower…yikes!IMG_9585Checking out all the animals.IMG_9599They even have a cow birthing center set up! Two calves were born that morning and there were about a dozen cows who were about to give birth! IMG_9621Petting the horses. Will and Harper absolutely love horses! They talk about visiting the horses in the horse barn at Nana’s all the time. IMG_9629Trying their hand at weaving. IMG_9641 We also enjoyed some delicious German chocolate ice cream-yum! The kiddos had a blast and we can’t wait to go back next summer! 


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Fried food and the fair!

Since we spent some time visiting my family a few weeks ago, we decided to head back to WV last Friday for the day to spend time with my in-laws. We wanted to take Will and Harper to the State Fair of West Virginia. Will had been with us to the fair when he was fifteen months and Harper had not been at all. My husband and I grew up going to the state fair since it is held in our hometown. Let me tell you, it is much more fun to go to the fair as an adult when you have kids! We got so much joy out of seeing them have fun:) Here’s a quick recap of our time at the fair.

Will and Mimi rode on the carousel. He absolutely loved it! And we even went back to ride a second time before leaving the fair.


MIss H. was too short to ride any of the rides except for the teacup. I actually don’t think she was tall enough to ride it, either, but the ride operator reluctantly agreed to let her ride. She liked the ride but got a little dizzy. Next year she will be able to get on more rides!


Mimi and Harper watching Will and Daddy ride the helicopter ride. Miss H. doesn’t look very thrilled, ha! She was tired at this point.

IMG_9843 WIll loved riding with Daddy:)


We didn’t go on the Ferris Wheel this time, but it’s one of my favorites!


One of the kids’ favorite parts of the fair was checking out the animals. Here’s Harper with the bunnies. She did a great job not putting her hands in the cages. She loves to touch everything, so I thought for sure she would stick her hands in, ha!


The horses were beautiful. Marcus, the horse below, was HUGE! Will loves horses and is accustomed to feeding our neighbor’s horse, Shadow. However, he was a little intimidated by the size of Marcus.


Miss H. chilling in the stroller. She never fell asleep though-too much excitement and too many things to view!


These pics always crack me up!


Oh, fair food. So, so expensive and so not good for you. There was fried dough, fried oreos, fried candy bars, and everything else you could imagine fried. I shared a piece of pizza with the kids and a few onion rings with my husband. Mimi and my husband had a Philly cheesesteak. We got a 2 pound (ha-it felt that heavy!) cinnamon roll to go and shared dippin’ dots with the kids before leaving the fair.


Before leaving the fair, we had to use up the remaining ride tickets, so Will decided he wanted to go on this truck ride by himself. Such a big boy! I was amazed that he rode by himself:)


After the fair, we went back to my in-laws’ house and hung out. We attempted to put the kids down for a nap since they were exhausted from the fair, but both Will and Harper were having too much fun to nap. So, we played outside and had dinner with Mimi and Grandaddy. We’re looking forward to taking them back to the fair next year, and riding even more rides:)