Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 40-Tissue Paper Tassels


I created some fun tissue paper tassels for Harper’s second birthday party.  In the past for my kiddos’ birthday parties, I have created tissue paper pom poms as decorations.  This year, I wanted to try something new with tissue paper. For this project, you need tissue paper, scissors, and baker’s twine.


Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half and cut into strips, leaving approximately 3/4 inch uncut.


Unfold tissue paper, combine at the top, and tie a piece of baker’s twine around the tissue paper to secure it into a tassel.


That’s it! I used the tassels as decoration for Harper’s Instagram photo display.  So easy and cute!


Cupcakes and Cracker Barrel

Here’s a quick recap of our fun weekend!

On Thursday, Will turned four! He helped me make cupcakes for his preschool class and was so excited when he came home from school with a special birthday crown made by his preschool teacher.


Yummy cupcakes!

For Will’s birthday dinner, we gave him the choice of eating out at Panera, Cracker Barrel, or Chick-Fil-A. All day long he was set on going to Panera (which I was very excited about!) but after coming home from Nana’s, he had changed his mind and decided on Cracker Barrel.  The kids love going to Cracker Barrel and playing checkers:) Now Will is giving Mommy and Daddy three restaurants for us to choose from for our birthdays! Our birthdays are coming up within the next month, and I do have to say, he has given us some good choices for places to eat! I love this boy!


On Saturday morning, we headed downtown to the farmer’s market (our first visit of the year).  Before the farmer’s market, however, we stopped at a little bakery that makes the most delicious donuts.  I’m really picky about donuts and don’t like the store-bought kind.  I shared a donut with the kiddos and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


I had been wanting to stop at a fairly new eclectic shop downtown and finally got the chance.  It’s a fun shop full of all sorts of goodies…jewelry, candles, party supplies, etc.  If you’re looking for random items for a Pinterest project, this is the place to go!


We walked around the farmer’s market and enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and fresh spring produce.


Of course, no trip downtown is complete without  a visit to our local toy store, Pufferbellies.




And taking a ride on Sandy:)


On Sunday, we went to church, made our Trader Joe’s shopping trip, and played outside a bunch! I hope your weekend was super, too!

5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Carolina Charm and several other bloggers for 5 on Friday!

{one} Watermelon!  Summer is approaching! Yay! I love fresh fruit, and the kiddos eat it like it’s going out of style. I bought a huge watermelon recently and we ate the whole thing in the course of about five days. Will and Harper are fruit lovers of all kinds.  My husband…not so much.  He can’t stand the texture of fruit.  That’s ok…more for us!


{two} I taught Will and Harper how to take selfies with my iPhone, so now they are constantly asking to take “selfies.”  It’s so cute to hear Miss Harper ask, “Mommy, can I take a selfie?” Here’s a recent selfie taken by Will right before bed the other night.


{three} My baby…I enjoyed some snuggle time with her after Will’s birthday party last Saturday. Both kiddos were worn out and didn’t have naps that day.  She snuggled up with me and fell asleep.  Pretty soon, she will be too big and won’t want to take naps on mommy.  I’m trying so hard to soak up all these moments, especially since we are not planning on having any more kiddos:(


{four} My sweet boy turned four yesterday! This journey of motherhood has been amazing! Challenging at times but so rewarding. I can’t believe that he will be going to kindergarten next year! For a recap of his fun Lego birthday party, check out this post.


{five} Stylin’ in our new clothes! My Aunt Cindy sent Will and Harper each a gift for both Harper’s birthday and for Will’s birthday.  How sweet! Both kiddos were excited to open the gifts. She typically sends them clothes, which is great! She has good taste in clothing {don’t worry, the orange shorts are not from her…more on those in a minute) and always sends the correct sizes. She must ask my mom for size info or something, ha! For Will’s birthday, she sent him a really nice Adidas sweatshirt (modeled below) and a pair of what Will calls “comfy pants” (like wind pants, or pretty much any kind of pants except for jeans).

These orange shorts…oh my.  On Saturday, my in-laws took Will and Harper out to lunch and to Target to pick out some clothes for Will’s birthday.  My mother-in-law let Will pick out some of the clothes, and of course he picked these amazingly bright orange shorts!  She tried several times to convince him to pick a different pair (knowing that I was going to disapprove of the shorts), but he was set on getting these.  Every day when he wakes up, he asks if it’s warm enough for his orange shorts.  I decided that he can wear them as play clothes at Nana’s!


Miss Harper insisted on trying on one of her two dresses from Aunt Cindy.  Cute!


Have a wonderful Friday!

Will’s Fourth Birthday Interview


Happy fourth birthday, dear son! Mommy decided to start a tradition of interviewing you each birthday to see what some of your favorite things are.  So, here goes!

Nicknames: I don’t have any

How old are you? four

What is your favorite color? orange, white, red, all the colors {orange has been his favorite color since he was really little…he loves anything orange!}

What is your favorite animal? horse, cat, dog {in that specific order!}

What is your favorite book? Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site {by Sherry Duskey Rinker-great book!}, Little Red Riding Hood {he has been really interested in fairy tales lately, including The Three Little Pigs}

What is your favorite TV show? Caillou {mommy and daddy can’t stand whiny Caillou!}

What is your favorite movie? Thomas Train

What is your favorite song? Old McDonald Had a Farm

What is your favorite food? spaghetti, good pizza, fruit {since some pizza happens to be only ok pizza!}

What is your favorite drink? milk, water {this kiddo loves water, which is great!}

What is your favorite breakfast food? oatmeal {every weekend he fixes his own oatmeal and adds raisins, cinnamon, and a little honey}

What is your favorite snack? cheesy crackers {this is what he calls Cheez-its}

What is your favorite outfit? tractor shirt {an orange shirt with a tractor on it that is unfortunately too small for him now, though it’s still his favorite!}

What is your favorite game? shapes game on iPod

What is your favorite toy? bouncy ball {not sure where this response came from…I thought he was going to say his train set, which he loves!}

Who is your best friend? Jace, Finley, Abigail {these are all kiddos from preschool.  In his class of 11, there are 9 boys and 2 girls.  You will notice that the girls are his best friends, as well as a little boy named Jace.  After talking to his preschool teacher, we determined that he likes to play with the girls because they are not as rambunctious and wild as some of the boys in his class.  Jace is similar in personalities to Will, so that’s why he often plays with him}

What is your favorite thing to do? craft projects {apparently he always volunteers to complete his craft projects at preschool before any of the other kiddos!}

What is your favorite thing to do outside? play on gym set {we borrow our neighbor’s gym set, ha! We don’t have our own gym set but our neighbors do, and we’re good friends with them.  My kiddos are out playing in their yard more than our neighbors are sometimes!}

What is your favorite holiday? Easter {probably because this was the most recent holiday!}

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Meow Meow {a stuffed cat he picked out at Ikea}

Where is your favorite place to go? park, library {if it were up to him, we would go there every day!}

Where do you want to go on vacation? grammy’s house {initially, he said he wanted to go to my friend and co-worker’s house for vacation, ha! When I explained to him more about what a vacation is, he changed his answer to grammy’s but still wanted to go to my friend’s house}

What do you want to be when you grow up? a farmer {the week before, he wanted to be a school bus driver}

What did you do on your birthday? had a party, lots of presents

We love you, sweet boy!

Harper’s Second Birthday Interview


Sweet Miss Harper!

I came across a fun way to document your children each year: a birthday interview.  There are tons of templates on Pinterest for the birthday interview.  Some are geared more towards older children, but I found one that I could use with Harper (who just turned two) as well as with Will (who will be four on Thursday). Initially, I just planned on interviewing Will.  However, after interviewing him, I decided to see how Harper would do.  She was able to answer most of the questions! Here are her responses:

Nicknames: {she didn’t respond to this question but we call her Missy Moodle}

How old are you? two

What is your favorite color? purple {she absolutely LOVES this color!}

What is your favorite animal? I don’t know {her exact words!}

What is your favorite book? Goodnight, Gorilla {so true-we read this book every night!}

What is your favorite TV show? Barney {we don’t watch much TV at all; she watches a little at the babysitter, which is where she saw Barney.  Barney is banned in our house, ha!}

What is your favorite movie? I don’t know

What is your favorite song? Old McDonald, Farmer in the Dell {daddy sings these songs to her each night while brushing her teeth.  It’s a good distraction!}

What is your favorite food? yogurt {she happened to be eating yogurt when I asked her these questions…I’m pretty sure that influenced her answer! However, she really does like yogurt and eats it every day}

What is your favorite drink? water {true…she hates milk and we don’t give her juice}

What is your favorite breakfast food? cereal bar

What is your favorite snack? {no response}

What is your favorite outfit? {no response}

What is your favorite game? bakery {an iPad game}

What is your favorite toy? I don’t know

Who is your best friend? Ayda {a little girl from Harper’s musikgarten class}

What is your favorite thing to do? play dots, outside

What is your favorite thing to do outside? {no response}

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween, Christmas {she initially didn’t know what to say, so I gave her examples of holidays}

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? puppy {a stuffed puppy she recently picked out at Ikea…it’s almost as big as her!}

Where is your favorite place to go? Panera {mommy loves this response!}

Where do you want to go on vacation? go play

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know

What did you do on your birthday? party

I thought she did a super job on these questions! I was going to wait until she turned three to ask her these questions but I’m glad I went ahead and asked her them. I plan on asking both kiddos specific questions every year on their birthday and document their responses. It will be fun to see how much they change over the years:)

Will’s Fourth Birthday Party!

Birthday collage

We celebrated Will’s fourth birthday on Saturday! He doesn’t turn four until May 1st but this weekend worked out better for his party.  It was a small family and friends party, very similar to Harper’s second birthday party.  Mimi and grandaddy (my husband’s parents) came over Saturday morning and took Will and Harper out for a little. They had to leave soon after the party started, so they wanted to spend more time with the kiddos.  Mimi and grandaddy took them to Target and out to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  It enabled me to do some last minute party prep without kiddos in the house…it’s amazing how productive I can be when the kiddos aren’t around, ha!



Will’s first birthday party was a red wagon theme (he got a red wagon for his birthday that year) with colors of red and aqua.  For his second birthday, we had a train party with greens and blues.  His third birthday was all about Elmo and was blue, red, and orange. I decided to go with a Lego theme for his fourth birthday and incorporated the primary colors.  The decorations were a combination of DIY and purchased from Etsy.

I hung a birthday banner in the living room that had the number 4 and spelled out his name.


I created this Lego decoration from an idea on Pinterest…it took about two minutes to create.


A primary color circle banner above the buffet where the gifts were placed.  I joked that it was a Pufferbellies birthday since most of the gifts were from Pufferbellies, one of our favorite toy stores.


Cupcake prep.  I’m getting better at frosting cupcakes thanks to this tutorial by Carolina Charm.


Getting the food ready. I used a variety of Fiestaware plates (on top of white ramekins) to create some cake stands.  I love that I have so many Fiestware colors and can mix and match the plates and bowls for our parties.  For Harper’s party, I used blue, pink, and green plates. For his, I pulled out the primary colors to create a fun display.  I also made a Lego utensil holder (it took me about two minutes to make) for decoration.  I had some leftover blue plates and napkins as well as red forks from Will’s previous birthday parties that I used.


I stopped by our local grocery store in the morning to pick up a half dozen balloons to create some centerpieces…another Pinterest idea! I had leftover circles from the banner and held onto them, just in case I could use them with something.  I sprinkled them around the Lego centerpiece for more color.


Birthday party clothes for Will and Harper. The shirt was made by a local Etsy seller.


Up close shot of the balloon Lego centerpieces (reusing the mason jars from Harper’s birthday!).


Lego juice boxes that I created from an idea on…you guessed it, Pinterest!


I bought yellow and green cups for the adults and put pieces of Lego washi tape on them for people to write their names.


We kept it simple and just had chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream cheese frosting (so delicious) and ice cream. I had some extra candy cups and decided to put goldfish in for the kiddos.


Lego cupcake toppers from Etsy. I really could have made these but ran out of time.


Waiting for the guests to arrive.


It was a beautiful day! We played outside before and after the party!


Being silly!

Opening gifts. The wrapping paper from Pufferbellies was so well made it was difficult to get the gifts open! Will asked for my help on several occasions.  Poor Miss Harper, she thought it was her birthday and wanted to open the gifts:(


Oh mommy, I can’t get this open!


The food display.


Drink station. I made sweetened and unsweetened ice tea and bought lemonade at Trader Joe’s. We had Lego juice boxes for the kiddos.



I love these candy cups and use them for every birthday party.  I pre-scoop ice cream in them and pop them back in the freezer until party time. It makes it so much easier, plus, they are super cute!



The big four!



Happy Birthday!


Playing with his toys!


Showing me how many four is.


More playing.  Although it was a Lego themed birthday, Will got lots of Brio train pieces. He’s really into trains now and I would have created a train themed birthday party if I hadn’t already used that theme for his 2nd birthday (he really likes Legos though!).


After the party, my parents and one of our friends stayed for dinner. I made some yummy oven baked chicken fajitas (so easy to make) and guacamole.


We had a wonderful afternoon with our family and friends! Will was thrilled to be the center of attention for the day! We had two very exhausted (skipped naps) kiddos but everyone had a blast! I can’t believe that he is almost four…where has the time gone?! I’m trying hard to cherish and remember every single minute with Will and Harper.  They grow up too fast!

Birthday sources:

Lego cupcake toppers from 2 Cheeky Chicks on Etsy

Block name banner from a Touchof B on Etsy

Lego washi tape from la Zoie on Etsy

Rainbow striped candy cups from Pink Lemonade Party on Etsy

Rainbow cupcake liners from Sweet Estelle on Etsy

Building blocks birthday invitation from The Party Town on Etsy

Four birthday shirt custom made from Crafted in Grace on Etsy

Cups, napkins, plates, and utensils from Target

DIY Lego birthday party decorations

DIY Lego juice boxes

DIY primary color banner