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Happy Friday! I’m linking up today with Amy and Karli for oh hey Friday!

{one} If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, stop what you’re doing and go buy this cashew butter! It is SO GOOD! The kids and I have been eating it on apples, but it’s delicious just by the spoonful. Yum!IMG_5218.JPG

{two} Now that I’m back to school, Will and Harper go to Nana’s each morning. Earlier in the week, Will was out helping Nana pick vegetables in her garden and brought home these goodies for mommy. How fun! I love that my kids are able to explore and play on a farm.IMG_5216.JPG

{three} Cousin fun! Last weekend when we went home to the state fair, we got to visit Will and Harper’s cousins. We played outside, took walks, and enjoyed a yummy dinner together. Although their cousins live in Kentucky, we have been able to visit them several times this summer at Mimi and Grandaddy’s house. IMG_5197.JPG{four} I usually always have pictures for each of my topics, but as I was uploading additional pictures for this post, I got a message saying that I had maxed out on my allotted space for wordpress. Uh oh. Fortunately, this summer my brother started helping me transition to a different site. Unfortunately, I have no clue what I’m doing, ha! Luckily, he does, but we’re having to communicate via texts since he’s in NC. 

{five} So I’m on the hunt for the perfect blog template. I’ve been browsing Etsy but there are just so many to choose from…it’s hard to narrow them down. Eventually, my new site will be harperandwill.com but in the meantime, my blog might be pretty quiet as I try to transition to the new site. Again, any suggestions/feedback on this would be most helpful!

Have a great weekend:)



Summer Blog Gift Exchange!


Chrissy from Simple Joys Blog and I co-hosted a small summer blog gift exchange. I had seen various blog exchanges throughout the year and thought it would be fun to host a gift exchange with some of our favorite summer themed items for mommy and kiddo(s).  I emailed Chrissy to see if she would be my co-host in this fun project:)

We decided to keep it small, especially since we hadn’t hosted anything like this before. I was excited (and surprised) when I received my friend and co-worker’s name, Ashley from Running MOMentum. This meant I didn’t have to worry about shipping the gift to her–I could just leave it outside her office door on one of our last workdays before school was out for summer.  I had hoped to get to work before she did that day but I was running late and she happened to get there early.  It was still a nice surprise though, and I was able to see her open the gifts!

Taylor from Princess Made Mommy sent Harper, Will and I some wonderful summer goodies! When I got the package in the mail, the kids were so, so happy to open it! They just couldn’t wait to see what mommy had received…and they were super excited when they found out that some of the goodies were for them!

I had been wanting a mason jar tumbler, and she sent one! I’ve been using it every day as I try to drink lots of water this summer.  Inside the tumbler was some Baby Lips lip balm-love this stuff!


Some glitter sidewalk chalk! Will and Harper were really excited about this! We had to try it out last night on our sidewalk.


Harper looking at all the goodies!


Bubble fun!


The kids received a beach ball, which will be great fun when we play in our mini kiddo pool.




Each kiddo received their own bubbles along with some cute bubble wands. Will’s were all about pirates and Harper’s were princesses.


Thanks, Taylor! We love our fun summer gifts! Will and Harper were thrilled to get presents in the mail!

Check out the other bloggers to see what summer goodies they were sent! Thanks, ladies, for participating in this fun gift exchange with us! Have a wonderful summer!

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