5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Christina and several others for 5 on Friday! We’re off enjoying our two days of spring break.  Since we had so many snow days this year, three of our spring break days were taken away. Despite that, I’m enjoying every moment with my kiddos and husband.

{one} Will had spring preschool pictures a few weeks ago.  He was so excited since it was a duck photo session and he was able to choose a duckling to hold.  He chose a little black duckling…so adorable! Even though I prefer to get digital copies of prints (the particular photographer they used only offered prints), I ordered a small package of prints to give to our family.


{two} Spring clothes!  Pretty soon, Miss Harper will be too big to wear the adorable Carter’s baby/toddler clothing.  Carter’s makes some of my favorite baby outfits, so when I found these spring sets at Kohl’s, I just had to get them! I had a coupon, plus all Carter’s clothes were on sale.  Yay! (And yes, my 2 year old still fits into 24 month clothes…she’s very petite!)


{three} Ramps! Any time I mention ramps, people give me a confused look.  Do you know what ramps are?  I grew up in Appalachia and my dad would go out in the woods in search of ramps each spring.  They are also called spring onions or wild leeks and are very strong tasting-kind of like a mixture between onions and garlic.  My mom sautés them up with a little olive oil.  Some people eat them raw, but they are way too strong that way.  Will and Harper took a bite but didn’t like them at all.



{four} We took the kiddos to a new playground last week.  It’s just several minutes from our house and has two play areas for the kiddos.  Will and Harper loved it!



{five} This picture is blurry, but I captured it the other evening in the car driving home. Harper was asleep and Will reached out to hold her hand.  Of course, he only held it for a minute and I had to rush to get this picture.  So sweet!  I love seeing how much they care for each other and love playing with each other.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday:)


Five on Friday:)


Hello and Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday:)

{1} This year, we decided to put together two boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  My original plan was to have Harper fill a box for a girl around her age and for Will to create a box for a boy his age.  However, after reading more about Operation Christmas Child, I realized that the most needed boxes were for boys ages 10-14.  As a result, we compiled two identical boxes for boys in this age range.  This was such a fun project for the kiddos!  Will and Harper loved sorting the items and filling the boxes.  At first, Will said, “Mommy, this ball won’t fit in the box, so we will just keep it.”  Ha!  We plan on making this a yearly tradition.


{2} I decided to go through my closet and get rid of some old clothes that I haven’t worn in years.  My friend recently sent some of her clothes to thredUP and received a decent amount of money.  I bought some nice children’s clothing from thredUP but did not have a good experience when I sent them a huge bag of kids’ clothes.  However, I was planning on donating my old clothes and thought it would be worth it to see if any of them would sell.  We’ll see how much I get!

thred up

{3} My first Stitch Fix came this week!   Here’s my little helper digging into my box:)  I loved the experience of Stitch Fix and plan on getting another “fix” in the future, even though I ended up keeping only one of the five items.  More about my experience with Stitch Fix will be in an upcoming post, hopefully sometime next week if I can get my blogging act together.  Work has been so busy lately, and after the kiddos are in bed in the evenings, all I want to do is read blogs and relax, not write blog posts:(

stitch fix

{4}  My parents came last weekend and spent the night.  Will loves it when they visit (and Harper, too), especially since he gets to camp out in our bonus/play room.  Will’s bedroom serves as the guest bedroom, so he gets booted out of his room when company visits.  Here are my parents playing with the kiddos:)  While they were visiting, we went to downtown to an event called Sparkles and Sweets.  It’s a holiday kick-off open house where many stores are open until 9pm, including our favorite toy store.  We did a little Christmas shopping and walked around in the freezing cold!  But not too cold to stop at our favorite gelato shop and share some ice cream (I actually had some yummy hot chocolate instead, since I was really COLD!)!


{5}  Christmas cards, check!  I’m trying to do some holiday prep in advance so it doesn’t become so overwhelming. We had our fall pics taken several weeks ago, and I had been waiting for a good deal on Christmas cards. I typically use Shutterfly for our cards, but the quality isn’t the greatest.  I happened to find a great deal on cards at Minted from The Mom Creative.  I’ve heard great things about the quality of cards from Minted, so I was excited when I purchased 25 Christmas postcards for $8 (including shipping and tax!).  What a great deal! Plus, it will save on postage!  Here’s the front of the Christmas postcards; the back has our address (already printed!) and a pic of Will and Harper.  The cards are made of nice quality, thick paper.  Now all I need to do is narrow down our Christmas list to 25 people!  Ha! I plan on buying a few additional Christmas cards to send to some family members (since I will include copies of our fall pics for them).

c card

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 13-Mint and Navy Outfit

Welcome to week thirteen of my Pinterest project! I really should rename this a Pinterest “challenge” or something, since today’s project isn’t really a project.  Ha!  Anyway, I thought I would try out one of the outfits I pinned to My Style Pinboard.  I wanted an outfit I could put together quickly and use what I already had in my closet.  So after doing some digging around in the closet, I decided to pair a navy blue top with a mint scarf and jeans.  This outfit worked perfectly for our Friday casual day at school.  I loved the outfit but I absolutely hated having the pics taken of just me. I added a pic of my kiddos and me, which I love:)  I suppose this photo is prepping me for my upcoming Stitch Fix box (it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow!). I plan on having my  husband take pictures of the Stitch Fix outfits for my blog.

One blog link-up where you can find fun outfits is The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday. I haven’t linked up before but have enjoyed looking at other people’s posts. Maybe one day I will link up…:)

mint blue

mint-blue w kids

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 11-Scarf Organization

Wow-two weeks in a row of not making a new recipe for my Pinterest project!  I’m on an organization kick around here lately, so I decided to tackle organizing my scarves.  On my Pinterest organization board, I pinned several ways to organize scarves.  I was specifically looking for a no-cost way to display my scarves and saw how you could tie your scarves and hang them on the wall.  I adapted this by hanging them on an empty hanging rod in our closet.  Not only does it nicely display my scarves but it also hides a hideous small shoe rack full of shoes we don’t wear very often (I should go through these and donate some).  I thought I had a ton of scarves until I organized them…maybe it’s time to buy some more?!  Anyway, I need to do more organizing in our master bedroom closet, but this is a start!

scarf organization 1

Oh, I just received a cashmere scarf from Afghanistan!  My husband’s co-worker picked up the blue/purple patterned scarf to the far right (you can see it best on the picture below) at a local bazaar while she was on rotation in Afghanistan.  It’s so beautiful!

scarf 2

Buying and selling used children’s clothing

I love to find great deals on kids’ clothes:) Here are some tips on how I’ve found good deals and have made money selling Will and Harper’s clothing that they’ve quickly outgrown.

~For me, the best way to make money selling kids’ clothing is through a local bi-annual consignment sale. Google consignment sales to find one in your area. The sale I work with gives you 70% of the proceeds; the other 30% goes to charities/ministries. The only up front charge is a $7 registration fee. It takes some time to hang the clothing, print and tag all of the clothing, but it’s worth it! Because I’m a seller, I get an early shopping pass. I usually end up spending as much money as I make, but it’s a nice trade! I have gotten great deals on boys and girls clothes from Gymboree, Gap, and Old Navy. You choose to donate the clothes you don’t sell or have them returned to you. Here’s a sample of what the tagging system looks like (this particular consignment sale has an online system-you enter your clothing info online and print out the tags) and below is my closet full of clothes that are ready for the consignment sale:



~I have sold my clothes at a few local consignment stores (including a chain kids consignment store) but this has not been the best deal. One of the stores pays you after your item sells, but if it doesn’t sell, they donate it. Another store pays you up front for the items and is very, very picky about what they accept. The money you do get up front is not as much as the 70% I get at the local consignment sale.

~I have also shipped some clothes to an online consignment site but was not happy with the small number of clothes they actually accepted (nothing was wrong with the other clothes I sent-no stains, no tears, less than a year or two old). I was not able to get the clothes back that they didn’t accept.

~I have bought clothes online through ThredUp. Look for their free shipping deals and coupon codes. I recently received a $10 coupon code and ordered three nice long sleeve shirts for my daughter from Old Navy and The Children’s Place for less than $4 (I just had to pay for shipping).

~Below are a few items I recently found at a local chain consignment store. You really have to look around at the consignment stores to find good deals. Some of the clothes are way overpriced! Again, the best deals I’ve found are at the local once or twice a year consignment sales.


~Sell to your friends and co-workers! Just this past spring I sold several hundred dollars worth of clothes and baby equipment to a few friends and co-workers. It saved me lots of time (no tagging!) and money (I got 100% of the profits!)!

~Here are some of the spring consignment clothes I bought for Miss H:



How do you save money on children’s clothing?

Five on Friday

My second 5 on Friday:) Linking up with Darci at the good life blog!

1. Loving all of the fun things you can do with mason jars! Check out this mason jar berry shortcake and these fun organizing ideas!

2. I need to use my Zoku popsicle maker this summer! Any good popsicle recipes?


3. I’ve been busy prepping baby clothes and other baby items for an upcoming consignment sale. I have sorted and tagged 200 items to sell! I also hope to find some good deals on fall/winter clothes for Will and Harper. While I like organizing and getting rid of things that we no longer need, it makes me sad that we’re not planning on having any more kids:(


4. I came across this neat artwork that displays significant dates in your life. Not sure that I’m crafty enough to do the DIY project but I love the idea. Very simple but pretty. I might have to find one on Etsy!

5. I’ve been in the mood to organize. I’ve been cleaning out closets, drawers, and making piles of stuff to donate to Goodwill. Trying to get all organized and prepared for back to school, which will be here before we know it:(

Have a great Friday!