{visit to the creamery}

Last week, I took Will and Harper to a local creamery.  Our  neighbors have a dairy farm and we have watched them milk the cows. However, we wanted to check out a fairly new creamery in our area where the whole process of milk production is done on the farm! How cool is that?!

As soon as we walked into the creamery, which has a little storefront, the girl working asked us what milk we would like to sample.  Chocolate milk, of course! She went over to the fridge and pulled out an unopened half gallon of whole chocolate milk for us to sample.  It was delicious! Later when I looked in the refrigerator area, there were several containers of milk that are used for samples on a daily basis.


After looking around the store, we decided to head out to pet the calves.  The girl showed us where the calves were and we wandered out to the barn to see them. It was so fun! We could just freely walk around the farm!


Petting the calves.



It was a gorgeous day with the prettiest blue skies!


Exploring the creamery.




Visiting the “teenagers,” which is what the girl called the bigger cows.


After visiting the cows and walking around the creamery, we headed back in the store and the kids colored and played with the toys.  We bought a half gallon of the chocolate milk, which was soon gone! It was a fun trip! You can even go when they are milking the cows later in the day to watch…maybe we will do that next time:)



Outdoor Fun! // It’s the Little Things


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As spring SLOWLY approaches (boy, it’s been a long winter), we’re soaking up every possible nice minute outdoors.  It’s spring this week, the same day that my baby, Harper, turns two!

The other evening, we took a stroll down our road to visit the neighbor’s cows.  Some of the cows are so friendly and will let you pet them and feed them grass.


We joined our neighbors (not the farmer neighbors) and took a walk to see “Sha-sha” and “Dondee,” as Will used to call them. It’s actually Shadow, a horse, and Isaac, a donkey who live right up the road from us.  Their owners leave horse treats in their nearby horse trailer and every time we visit Shadow and Isaac, Will and Harper feed them.


Blowing bubbles outside! Just look at that blond hair! Harper’s hair is getting darker, but Will’s has stayed very blond. He was born with brown hair that turned red, then around one it turned blond.  Harper had brown hair when she was born, but it has turned lighter over the past two years.


Playing at a local park! We spent Saturday morning at a park, swinging, zooming down slides, and feeding the ducks.




I hope you are able to enjoy some nice weather! Spring is almost here!



Down on the Farm

We have lived out in the “country” for almost seven years. My husband and I built our house in May 2007 and moved from the “city” to the country. I use these terms loosely since the “city” we lived in was very small and now that we are out in the county, it’s not that far from the nearest grocery store.  I grew up out in the boonies, about 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store (which was located in a small town with a population of approximately 5,000), so where we currently live isn’t very rural at all. But we love it here! Our property is next to a small dairy farm owned by a very nice Mennonite family.  The brother and his wife and family live on the main farm and the brother’s sister, M. lives in a small house on the same farm.  She’s the one I text whenever there’s a cow out, ha!

The other week, M. invited us to come watch them milk the cows. It happened to be the same weekend that my husband’s parents were visiting, so we took Mimi and Grandaddy along.  Miss H. was particularly fasciated by the farm dog, Hope, who gave Harper lots of kisses.  Will was a little more hesitant of Hope, which suprised me, since he usually loves dogs.





M. gave us the run-down of how the dairy operations work (we had visited several years ago and watched them milk, but this was the first time that Will and Harper had been there). Below are Will and Harper, along with M’s nephew and nieces. They are the sweetest children, so polite and kind.


Harper took off her coat and wanted to stay awhile. She literally took it off and was about to throw it on the ground…thank goodness I caught it!




Then, M. put Will and Harper up to pet the cows while they were being milked.  They loved it!  We got to taste some whole milk and some whole chocolate milk-both were so rich and delicious!  They also sell eggs, so we picked up a dozen of their fresh farm eggs.

The kiddos took us to see the calves, who stay in a nearby barn.  They were so, so white! While in the barn, a mouse ran across the ground and terrified me. I absolutely cannot stand mice.  Yuck.  We also got to see Chubbs, the pig that they’re raising to eat.  When it was time to go, Harper had a meltdown and wanted to stay.  I think we might have a little farm hand in our future, ha!

M. and her brother and family have been great neighbors.  They plow us out any time we get lots of snow, like this past week. Otherwise, we would still be trapped at home.  We help them out by watching out for runaway cows, and we often herd the cows back in the field when we can.  I’m so glad for the opportunity to live near them and for my kiddos to see what farm life is like.



Foxes, a Runaway Cow, and Snow Ice Cream!

Today was Snow Day #2 (and we’re off again tomorrow!)!  Here are some scenes from around our house today, on a very chilly, snowy day.

Harper and Will are obsessed with the Fox song! I must have heard “What Does the Fox Say” about ten times today (no kidding!).  Here they are dancing to the song after breakfast.  They are also hooked on dancing to techno, thanks to their daddy.  Miss Harper will specifically request “techno” now, ha!


Since we haven’t left the house in two days and it’s been too cold to spend much time outside, our house looks like a tornado blew through it!


Will looked out the window earlier and shouted out, “Mommy, there’s a cow coming up the driveway!”  I look out, and sure enough, there was a cow strolling up to visit!  I ran out to chase the cow back down the driveway to the barn, but she decided to go straight through the barbed-wire fence and back into the field.  Ouch!  I texted the farmer and let her know what happened…she came later and repaired the fence!


Photo for daddy!  Daddy has been at work the past two days while we’ve been at home enjoying our snow days, so we periodically sent him pics.


After the kiddos woke up from naps, we made snow ice cream!  I had never made it before (and have always been hesitant about eating snow) but googled to make sure that eating ice cream made from snow wasn’t too bad for you.  It was so easy…and delicious!  Mix together 1 cup of milk (I used 2% since that’s what we had), 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt.  Head outside and scoop up 8 cups of clean snow.  Stir snow into milk mixture and now you have snow ice cream!  It melts very quickly, so eat it fast!   We had fun making snow ice cream…I think it will turn into a yearly tradition:)




Now I have to come up with some more activities for snow day #3 tomorrow!