Canoeing and Crayfish and Cousins, Oh My!


Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed home to visit our family.  On Saturday, we met my parents (Grammy and Grandaddy) at a local park in the National Forest.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed to the swimming area.

Walking across the fun swinging bridge!


Playing with the rocks.




Since the water was so cold, we spent most of the time at the edge of the water splashing around as well as canoeing.  This was Will and Harper’s first canoe ride, and they loved it!


This girl loves the water!

Miss  Harper canoeing!



Looking at the crayfish that Grandaddy caught




After our fun time at the park, we headed to Mimi and Grandaddy’s to have dinner and hang out with the cousins.  My husband’s brother has two little girls, ages 6 and almost 4.  The kiddos had a blast playing in the new bounce house that Mimi and Grandaddy purchased.  How much fun! I think the adults had more fun bouncing in the house than the kiddos!


Getting ready for dinner.  We had a very nice dinner out on the patio.  Here are the kiddos waiting patiently for their food.  We ordered Chinese take-out, which was excellent.


More playing in the bounce house.


We also celebrated my husband’s birthday (and my birthday a little early).  My mother in law bought some beautiful cupcakes from a local bakery.


We had a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend of canoeing, catching crayfish, eating Chinese food and cupcakes, and playing with the cousins, ha!


Cupcakes and Cracker Barrel

Here’s a quick recap of our fun weekend!

On Thursday, Will turned four! He helped me make cupcakes for his preschool class and was so excited when he came home from school with a special birthday crown made by his preschool teacher.


Yummy cupcakes!

For Will’s birthday dinner, we gave him the choice of eating out at Panera, Cracker Barrel, or Chick-Fil-A. All day long he was set on going to Panera (which I was very excited about!) but after coming home from Nana’s, he had changed his mind and decided on Cracker Barrel.  The kids love going to Cracker Barrel and playing checkers:) Now Will is giving Mommy and Daddy three restaurants for us to choose from for our birthdays! Our birthdays are coming up within the next month, and I do have to say, he has given us some good choices for places to eat! I love this boy!


On Saturday morning, we headed downtown to the farmer’s market (our first visit of the year).  Before the farmer’s market, however, we stopped at a little bakery that makes the most delicious donuts.  I’m really picky about donuts and don’t like the store-bought kind.  I shared a donut with the kiddos and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


I had been wanting to stop at a fairly new eclectic shop downtown and finally got the chance.  It’s a fun shop full of all sorts of goodies…jewelry, candles, party supplies, etc.  If you’re looking for random items for a Pinterest project, this is the place to go!


We walked around the farmer’s market and enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and fresh spring produce.


Of course, no trip downtown is complete without  a visit to our local toy store, Pufferbellies.




And taking a ride on Sandy:)


On Sunday, we went to church, made our Trader Joe’s shopping trip, and played outside a bunch! I hope your weekend was super, too!