Strawberry Picking!

strawberry picking collageOn Saturday, we went to a local farm to pick strawberries.  This has become a family tradition and is on our summer bucket list.  I love to go back and look at pictures from previous years. We started strawberry picking in the spring of 2012 when Harper was just two months old. You can’t really see her since she’s being carried in the Ergo by my husband.  Last year, Harper was one and Will was three.  We initially went to a strawberry farm right up the road, but if you don’t get there by 7am and start picking, you won’t get any berries! There’s no way we were getting to the strawberry field that early, so we found another farm that’s about 30 minutes from our house where we started going last year.  I love that they have these fun red wagons to borrow as you walk to the strawberry patch, which is across the road and up the field from where you park.

This year, both kiddos were really into picking (and eating) strawberries! They had strawberry juice all over their faces! Will loved carrying the berry box and Harper had fun running up and down the patch:) We picked several pounds and enjoyed some yummy strawberry cider donuts.

Now that we have several pounds of strawberries, I’m off to find a new strawberry dessert recipe.  I’m thinking about making a strawberry pie…yum!


Sheep Shearing and Sickness

On Saturday, I took Harper and Will to Nana’s (our babysitter) to watch Nana’s brother shear sheep.  They have over 400 sheep and spent most of the day shearing them.  Will and Harper were so excited to watch the sheep “get a hair cut!” I love that my kids get to spend time on a farm.  Nana’s parents, Maw and Grandaddy, live right next to Nana and own a farm.  They live in a cool old farmhouse and have several horses, plenty of barn cats, sheep, chickens, and cattle.  Nana’s brother, who basically runs the farm, lives on the other side of Maw and Grandaddy.


On the farm…


Checking things out…


Will loves Grandaddy’s horses.


Picking buttercups with our neighbor’s son…


After watching the sheep shearing for a little and wandering around the farm, checking out the seven newborn kittens in the barn and petting the horses, we popped in to Maw’s house to say hi.  Will and Harper walk to Maw’s house a few times a week to visit.  Her house is full of fun, old toys from when my neighbor and her brother were little (my neighbor’s mom is Nana).  On their visits to Maw’s, they usually go to the horse barn to visit the animals.  Love, love, love that they get this opportunity to be on a farm and to become close to Nana and her husband (who we consider Will and Harper’s third set of grandparents) as well as Maw and Grandaddy.  So much can be learned from this wonderful generation of people!

On Sunday, Will woke up with a fever:( We had planned on going to church and to a lunch, but those plans were cancelled.  We stayed at home all day and chilled.  I took Harper to the doctor earlier in the week and found out she had a respiratory virus.  Will ended up getting it this morning.  No fun…but at least it was the weekend and I didn’t have to go to work.  I spent extra cuddle times with Will and Harper today:)

I hope y’all had a great weekend!

Berry picking

The other day I decided to take Will and Harper blackberry picking at a local farm. What was I thinking, taking a one year old and a three year old berry picking?! Actually, it wasn’t as difficult as I was anticipating, thank goodness! This was the first time going to the berry farm and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I pulled up to the mini farm (which, coincidentally, is right near our old neighborhood-I could have walked to it from our old house; you can see the neighborhood behind the berry bushes) and in a small shed, there was a sign that said, “Honk your horn, I’m working in the garden.” Luckily, the nice owner had heard me drive up and welcomed me, saying that I had my hands full. Ha! She gave me a bucket and pointed down the hill to where her husband was working. We (primarily me, but Miss H. put a few ripe berries in the bucket, and Will helped a little, though most went in his mouth) started down the row picking blackberries. Harper and Will followed close behind, picking berries as we went. By the time we were done, their faces were covered in purple juice! I was able to pick over four pounds of berries! We ate some of the berries and I made a crisp with the rest. The crisp turned out okay, but it wasn’t my best recipe. It was watery and not sweet enough. Those berries were tart! It was a fun adventure, and I’m sure we will be back next year:)