{weekend happenings}

What a fun weekend! My in-laws (Mimi and Grandaddy) came on Friday morning and spent part of the weekend with us! Will is always so excited when anyone spends the night because that means he gets to “camp out” in the bonus room (our play area) while our guests sleep in his room.

They brought us yummy homemade desserts (both with from scratch crusts!)-fudge pie and rhubarb pie (this happened to be rhubarb from my parents’ garden) and three bags of blueberries from a local farm.


When they arrived on Friday, they took Will and Harper to a nearby park so I could have some “quiet time.”  It gave me the chance to organize our bonus room closet and sort items for a consignment sale and items to donate.


Fresh blueberries! All three bags are all gone! My kids eat these like candy!


Playing with Mimi’s phone and tablet. On Friday evening, they took the kids out to dinner while my husband and I went out for a nice, relaxing dinner sans kiddos.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants in town and had a great time! We called this our Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthday celebration all combined into one for us, ha! The last time we went on a “date” was back in December.


On Saturday, I made breakfast and we headed out the door to our local farmer’s market.


I gave Will the task of selecting some green beans for us.


Petting the dogs at the market.


We love to walk across an old bridge and up to a seating area that has great views of the town.  Will and Harper ran around for a while, splashing in puddles and burning off some energy!




A trip downtown is never complete without a visit to Pufferbellies, our favorite toy store!IMG_5442

For lunch, we headed to a local pizza place for a quick bite to eat.  Harper was having a meltdown and refused to sit in her high chair for lunch.  Will was getting tired as well, so as soon as we were finished, we headed home for naps.

After naps, we played more with Mimi and Grandaddy and enjoyed a yummy beer can chicken and grilled vegetables for dinner.  The kids were sad when Mimi and Grandaddy had to leave that evening.  We had a blast! Happy summertime:)


Cupcakes and Cracker Barrel

Here’s a quick recap of our fun weekend!

On Thursday, Will turned four! He helped me make cupcakes for his preschool class and was so excited when he came home from school with a special birthday crown made by his preschool teacher.


Yummy cupcakes!

For Will’s birthday dinner, we gave him the choice of eating out at Panera, Cracker Barrel, or Chick-Fil-A. All day long he was set on going to Panera (which I was very excited about!) but after coming home from Nana’s, he had changed his mind and decided on Cracker Barrel.  The kids love going to Cracker Barrel and playing checkers:) Now Will is giving Mommy and Daddy three restaurants for us to choose from for our birthdays! Our birthdays are coming up within the next month, and I do have to say, he has given us some good choices for places to eat! I love this boy!


On Saturday morning, we headed downtown to the farmer’s market (our first visit of the year).  Before the farmer’s market, however, we stopped at a little bakery that makes the most delicious donuts.  I’m really picky about donuts and don’t like the store-bought kind.  I shared a donut with the kiddos and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


I had been wanting to stop at a fairly new eclectic shop downtown and finally got the chance.  It’s a fun shop full of all sorts of goodies…jewelry, candles, party supplies, etc.  If you’re looking for random items for a Pinterest project, this is the place to go!


We walked around the farmer’s market and enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and fresh spring produce.


Of course, no trip downtown is complete without  a visit to our local toy store, Pufferbellies.




And taking a ride on Sandy:)


On Sunday, we went to church, made our Trader Joe’s shopping trip, and played outside a bunch! I hope your weekend was super, too!

5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for Will’s fourth birthday party tomorrow, which will be tons of fun! I can’t believe that he will be four…the time has flown by! I’m linking up with Carolina Charm  and several other bloggers for 5 on Friday.

{one} Recently, I have been entering more giveaways and contests on blogs and Facebook.  Several weeks ago, I won some model airplane kits.  Last week, I won this cute Organic Bloom frame from a local photographer who was having a giveaway on Facebook. I’ve been eyeing the Organic Bloom frames for a while but they are pricey.  I’m loving this cute mini frame, which will go well in Miss Harper’s purple and blue bedroom.

{two} I’m enjoying having freshly picked (from our garden) flowers but my allergies are bad:( I’m frequently sneezing and have a scratchy throat.  Not fun, but it’s too nice not to be outside enjoying spring.  I’ve always heard that a good allergy remedy is to take a teaspoon of local honey each day.  Has anyone tried that?  Does it work? Now to seek out some local honey…I need to check out our local farmer’s market.


{three} I took Will last week to get his hair cut, and of course Miss Harper wanted to come with me.  Will has always done a great job getting his hair cut.  He especially likes going to our hair stylist because she always has a graham cracker snack for the kiddos.  Last time we went, Harper wanted her hair cut as well.  Denise, the hair stylist, let her sit on the chair and gave her a pretend haircut.  Now, Harper insists that she gets her hair cut after Will each time!



{four} I recently went through Harper’s clothes and finally moved them from a drawer in my dresser to her room.  Her dresser had been mostly empty until now.  It was just much easier for me to grab her clothes from my room since the changing table is in there.  However, I decided it was time for me to reclaim my dresser drawer! It’s amazing how many clothes I have accumulated for her and Will.  I buy clothes from my friend who has a little girl who’s almost four (her birthday is actually the day after Will’s and we were in the hospital at the same time; her room was right down the hall from me!), and my sister-in-law ships me her daughter’s old clothes. While I have tons of fall/winter clothes, my spring/summer clothing stash is looking a little small.  That means more clothes shopping! Fun!


{five} Young House Love is one of my favorite home DIY blogs! I love reading about Sherry and John’s latest home projects.  Target recently started carrying a collection of products designed by Young House Love.  I’m loving the wall hooks, especially the key hook.


I hope you all have  a great weekend! I will be back at the beginning of next week with a recap of Will’s 4th lego birthday party!



Fall Fun List!

Happy Fall! I found this cute fall fun list printable from Jenny Collier.  She has several cute and free printables, including a summer fun list.  I will definitely be pinning that one for next year!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons-so many fun activities to do outside!  I just made a free fall photo book from our adventures last fall (from Shutterfly)-say that five times fast!.  Since fall is here, we better get busy on our list! This weekend, we plan on going to the pumpkin patch. We’ve already done some hiking and went to the farmer’s market, though we hope to go hiking several more times this fall.  Next weekend, we are going with my parents to a local apple orchard.  We have plans every weekend in October.  So.much.fun!


5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m still getting back into the routine of working all week. It’s been hard, so I’m looking forward to a three day weekend with my family! I’m linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog again for Five on Friday, one of my favorite link-ups!

{1} Now that I’m back at work, I’m trying to find as many easy dinners as I can. I’ve made several different skillet pasta recipes that only use one pan. You cook the pasta and bake it all in the same dish. That’s what I call a quick meal with not much clean up! I made this yummy three cheese skillet lasagna from Iowa Girl Eats a few weeks ago and a skillet dish from Serious Eats this week (pictured below). Another favorite, super easy recipe is a chicken parmesan bake that uses croutons instead of breading the chicken. So, so easy and very yummy! We love chicken fajitas, so I tried an oven baked chicken fajita dish recently. It wasn’t quite as good as fajitas made on the stove, but it was darn close! And so much easier!


{2} One thing on our summer fun list was to visit our local farmer’s market several times. We hadn’t been since back in July, but we finally went again last weekend. It’s a small but fun market with lots of great fresh vegetables, live music, and kiddos and dogs running around. After purchasing some local produce for the week, we walked up by the train station and across an old bridge that overlooks the city. The kids shared a homemade scone from the farmer’s market, then it was off to our favorite toy store downtown. Good times! We even got to catch a train coming through the station! We hope to visit the farmer’s market a few more times before it ends in November.






{3} I have three coupons for free 8×8 Shutterfly photo books that need to be used up soon. I plan on creating a summer 2013 photo book of all our fun activities as well as a baby book for Harper and Will. I have created a photo book for each kiddo for each year so far, but those books have simply been a compilation of photos, no journaling. I’m liking the more digital scrapbook feel of the Shutterfly books. I created one the other day (well, it took me several evenings to finish) and I’m excited about seeing the final product!

{4} I checked out a few books on CD the other week from the library but had forgotten about them until yesterday. I started listening to The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, which is quite entertaining and interesting. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but it’s good and the drive to and from work passes quickly! I love her recipes! She’s coming out with a holiday cookbook in October, and while I’m not big on buying cookbooks (they tend to sit on my shelf and collect dust-I prefer to pin new recipes on Pinterest), I might reconsider. Speaking of the Pioneer Woman, how cool would it be to have a Pioneer Woman potluck where all the guests bring one of her recipes? Such a cool idea that I found on the blog, The Larson Lingo. Click on the link for the specific blog post. Too bad I don’t know this blogger! Ha!


{5} This girl loves to play outside and get dirty! Any time we mention the word, “outside,” she goes running for the mudroom and grabs her shoes. She throws a fit when we head inside for the evening. Miss H. loves swinging, digging in the dirt and rocks, running up and down our driveway, blowing bubbles, and riding her little Pooh car outside. Love her! Will loves it outside, too. Lately, our routine has been to go outside to play after dinner while my husband cleans up. He joins us after dishes and we play outside until it’s time for baths and bed.