{back from the beach}

As you know, I love to look back at pictures and compare how much my kiddos have changed. We just got back from a week at the Outer Banks, so I will be working on a beach post later this week. However, I created a quick comparison of how much our family has changed since we started going to the beach with kiddos back in 2010 when Will was just two months old! In 2012, Harper was four months and Will was two. This year, we had a four year old and a two year old-so, so much easier! This was also the first time (in four years) that I wasn’t nursing while at the beach, which was nice! 

A beach recap will be coming later this week:)
beach collage


{cousin fun!}

Last week, I headed home to WV with Will and Harper to visit my in-laws and my brother-in-law and his family, who were in from Kentucky for a few days. My husband had to work, so I made the close to 2 hour drive by myself (the first time I have driven home with both kiddos by myself-usually my hubby comes with me). It wasn’t a bad drive at all-we didn’t have to stop either way!

My mother-in-law (Mimi) wanted to get some professional pictures of her four grandchildren, so this was the perfect time! She wanted to do a red, white, and blue color theme since it was close to July 4th. I wasn’t sure what my nieces would be wearing so I brought an assortment of mostly white and blue clothes for Harper and Will (they don’t have many articles of clothing that are red!).

My nieces, V, who is six, and E, who is four, were dressed in the cutest skirts! They matched really well with Will and Harper’s outfits!

Luckily, the photo shoot took only ten minutes! Harper was not in the mood for pics after being in the car for almost two hours. The pics turned out cute-though they are studio pictures, which are not my cup of tea at all. I prefer more natural pictures outdoors and not so posed. Anyway, I will order a print of all four kiddos for my photo gallery wall at home.

This was after the photo shoot-I tried to snap a few pics of the cousins together.  The kids were all pictured-out but I got some fun shots of them playing.


I’m able to get more photos of Harper since Will is constantly on the move-that child never stops!





Eating lunch outside. IMG_6535

Taking a walk in the neighborhood.IMG_6539

Playing choo choo train and school bus while waiting on dinner to be ready. Poor Will is the only boy!IMG_6563

 Enjoying popsicles after a yummy dinner of grilled chicken and salad.  Mimi made blueberry cobbler, so the adults enjoyed cobbler a la mode while the kiddos had popsicles.

IMG_6594After dinner, I gave the kids a chance to play outside for a while. Then I gave them baths and we loaded up to head back home. Luckily, they slept most of the way and went right to bed at 9 when we arrived home.

We had a blast playing and visiting with our cousins:)

{peach orchard fun! // it’s the little things}


Recently, I took Will and Harper to a local orchard where they have a weekly children’s program called “Come Grow With Us.”  The program consisted of a craft, story, a small container for pick-your-own fruit, and a snack.  They base the program on whatever specific fruit is in season, and for us, peaches had just started to ripen.


Learning about peaches and honeybees.


Getting ready to make a craft.


Running through the peach orchard.


Big brother, come back here!



The craft and story revolved around ladybugs.  Each child painted their own ladybug.


Heading out to the orchard to pick our own peaches!


It was an extremely hot morning! When we got in the car to head back home, the temp in my car read 90 degrees!


Selecting the perfect peach.



Heading back after collecting our fruit.


Enjoying some yummy homemade peach frozen yogurt as part of the program.


Finishing up her yogurt.


Returning the wagon and heading home.


This was such a fun morning! I was pleased with the program and all that the $7 fee (per child) included.  We will be back!

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{visit to the creamery}

Last week, I took Will and Harper to a local creamery.  Our  neighbors have a dairy farm and we have watched them milk the cows. However, we wanted to check out a fairly new creamery in our area where the whole process of milk production is done on the farm! How cool is that?!

As soon as we walked into the creamery, which has a little storefront, the girl working asked us what milk we would like to sample.  Chocolate milk, of course! She went over to the fridge and pulled out an unopened half gallon of whole chocolate milk for us to sample.  It was delicious! Later when I looked in the refrigerator area, there were several containers of milk that are used for samples on a daily basis.


After looking around the store, we decided to head out to pet the calves.  The girl showed us where the calves were and we wandered out to the barn to see them. It was so fun! We could just freely walk around the farm!


Petting the calves.



It was a gorgeous day with the prettiest blue skies!


Exploring the creamery.




Visiting the “teenagers,” which is what the girl called the bigger cows.


After visiting the cows and walking around the creamery, we headed back in the store and the kids colored and played with the toys.  We bought a half gallon of the chocolate milk, which was soon gone! It was a fun trip! You can even go when they are milking the cows later in the day to watch…maybe we will do that next time:)


{park discovery // summer bucket list}

Summer Bucket List

Hello! I’m linking up with Jenny from The Chronicles of We, Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup and several other bloggers for their fun summer bucket list link-up!

Since it’s summer, we’ve been spending lots of time at our local parks.  There are several parks within 20 minutes of our home and we like to explore all of them.  This particular park is lots of fun and the way it is set up, it makes it easy for me to watch Will when he explores on the bigger park set while Harper runs around the smaller play set.

This girl is very cautious about going down slides.  She refuses to go down any slide at the park but will go down the slide on our neighbor’s play set. Harper just likes to climb up and down the steps and swing.  She would swing all day if I let her, ha!


Mr. Adventurer!






For comparison (since I love taking pictures of Will and Harper doing similar activities each year to see how much they’ve grown and changed!):

Summer 2014




Summer 2013-look how much smaller they both look!


Swinging! I think Will’s a little too big for this swing!


“Come on, Harper, let’s go see the ducks”


At the park, there’s a fun bridge that we like to go on. There’s a great view of the river and of the ducks.  Harper was actually very resistant about going across the bridge. She kept looking down and was scared that you could see straight down to the water.



“Up, Mommy”


The view from the bridge…



Will pretending to feed the ducks.


“Look at the ducks, Mommy!”

IMG_4329 IMG_4333

Now it’s time to explore more parks this summer!

Summer Blog Gift Exchange!


Chrissy from Simple Joys Blog and I co-hosted a small summer blog gift exchange. I had seen various blog exchanges throughout the year and thought it would be fun to host a gift exchange with some of our favorite summer themed items for mommy and kiddo(s).  I emailed Chrissy to see if she would be my co-host in this fun project:)

We decided to keep it small, especially since we hadn’t hosted anything like this before. I was excited (and surprised) when I received my friend and co-worker’s name, Ashley from Running MOMentum. This meant I didn’t have to worry about shipping the gift to her–I could just leave it outside her office door on one of our last workdays before school was out for summer.  I had hoped to get to work before she did that day but I was running late and she happened to get there early.  It was still a nice surprise though, and I was able to see her open the gifts!

Taylor from Princess Made Mommy sent Harper, Will and I some wonderful summer goodies! When I got the package in the mail, the kids were so, so happy to open it! They just couldn’t wait to see what mommy had received…and they were super excited when they found out that some of the goodies were for them!

I had been wanting a mason jar tumbler, and she sent one! I’ve been using it every day as I try to drink lots of water this summer.  Inside the tumbler was some Baby Lips lip balm-love this stuff!


Some glitter sidewalk chalk! Will and Harper were really excited about this! We had to try it out last night on our sidewalk.


Harper looking at all the goodies!


Bubble fun!


The kids received a beach ball, which will be great fun when we play in our mini kiddo pool.




Each kiddo received their own bubbles along with some cute bubble wands. Will’s were all about pirates and Harper’s were princesses.


Thanks, Taylor! We love our fun summer gifts! Will and Harper were thrilled to get presents in the mail!

Check out the other bloggers to see what summer goodies they were sent! Thanks, ladies, for participating in this fun gift exchange with us! Have a wonderful summer!

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