What Does the Fox Say?! A Halloween Recap


What Does the Fox Say? Have y’all heard that song?  If not, you must google it! It’s hilarious!  Anyway, before that song went viral, we selected a cute fox costume for WIll for Halloween.  It’s so, so cute!  However, due to the popularity of the song, EVERYONE asked Will what the fox says, ha!



This was Will and Harper’s first “real” year going trick-or-treating.  Each year, we take the kiddos trick-or-treating to Nana’s.  We also visit her mom (Maw) next door and Aunt Kitty, who lives right beside Maw.  However, before this year, that was the extent of our trick-or-treating.  We loved it, but this year we were invited to our friends’ home for dinner and trick-or-treating.  They live in a huge neighborhood and we thought Will and Harper would like to do more trick-or-treating.  So we headed to their house for pizza and got the kiddos decked out in their fox and owl costumes.  It was getting late, and both kiddos were tired.  We ended up going just down the block and back up, but it was fun.   Mr. Fox ran up to the houses on his own and rang the doorbell.  He also asked for an extra piece of candy for his sister…how sweet:)  His sister was the cutest owl ever:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  Now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving, ha!



Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 12-Halloween Treats!

I can’t believe this is my twelfth week doing a Pinterest project! The time really flies by:)  This week’s post is all about Halloween treats.  Will has a costume party at preschool this week and has to take twelve treats for the boys and girls in his class.  I saw this fun treat on one of my favorite blogs, The Good Life Blog, and decided to try it.  I found some cute treat cups in the dollar aisle at Target (love that section! So many fun things!) and thought they would be great to use for the monster mix (even though after I purchased them, I realized they were Thanksgiving cups, not Halloween, but they still work!).

monster mix

For the monster mix, you combine a jar of Target monster trail mix, some roasted almonds, and candy corn.  I decided to fill up small snack bags and put them inside the treat cups.  The Good Life Blog includes cute printables, but my printer is out of ink:(  So, we will just have to make do with the pretty designs on the cups!  The mix made a TON! I was able to fill up twelve treat cups  and had enough left over to make snack bags for Will and Harper’s Nana, Pops, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Kathy, and Maw (all of the people who help watch my kiddos, plus their son, Bryan).  So fun and so easy!  It tastes yummy, too!  I’m not a huge fan of candy corn (it’s too sweet for me), but it looks pretty and the almonds and peanuts in the mix help give it a salty taste.

halloween treat

I blogged about the candy corn fruit on a Five on Friday post but thought I’d share again.  It’s a cute, festive way to present fruit to kiddos!

candy corn fruit

I also saw some cute Halloween clementines on Pinterest and wanted to make some for Will. You just take a marker and draw a jack o’lantern face on a clementine or orange.  I prefer the clementines since they are miniature!  Enjoy!


Five on Friday!!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up once again with Darci and friends for my favorite link-up! I love finding new blogs and reading other Five on Friday posts!


{1} My parents spent last weekend with us and we went on our yearly apple orchard trip!  After our apple orchard adventures, they spent the afternoon playing with Harper and Will.  I love seeing my kids play with their grandparents!  Here’s Will and my dad putting together Will’s train set.  So much joy!  We need to do a better job of going home to visit our family.  The last time we went home was for the state fair in August.  My in-laws visited us the weekend before last, and we plan on visiting my parents again next weekend at our hometown’s annual food festival (another activity from our fall fun list!).  We’re so busy during the week with working that on the weekends, we like to hang out at home.


{2}  What’s up with this crazy weather?! This past weekend, it was in the 80s!  It’s like summer in October!  Harper and Will enjoyed playing outside with a bowl of ice and water (seriously, this kept them occupied for an hour!).  They like to “paint” the sidewalk with ice and decided to make the pumpkins shiny with water.  So fun!


{3}  Remember when I mentioned Trader Joe’s cookie butter and how delicious it was?  Well, here’s the latest product from TJ’s-cookie butter and cocoa swirl!  YUMMY! If you have a TJ’s near you, go out and purchase this now! I recommend eating it straight out of the jar!


{4}  On Tuesday, I took the day off work to go on Will’s first preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Here’s WIll that morning after we made a pumpkin craft.  We had a great time at a local pumpkin patch where we went on a tractor ride, rode a pumpkin train, found the perfect pumpkin, ate homemade pumpkin chocolate chip pumpkins, and ran through a pumpkin play area (big black tubes where the kids could crawl through).  It was great to get to know his teacher more and to meet his classmates.  I feel disconnected from his preschool since Nana drops him off and picks him up each time.  I get updates from Nana and Will about his day, but I still feel out of the loop with his preschool experience.  It helped to spend the morning with him at preschool:)  That afternoon, I got to spend time with both Will and Harper-so nice!  I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, but that’s not possible.  I am fortunate to have nice breaks throughout the year and summers off!


{5}  I finally gave in and signed up for it! Stitch Fix!  My friend recently received her first box, and I had been thinking about signing up for a while.  I’m very curious to see what will be in my first box!  It’s scheduled to ship the week of November 4th!  Once it arrives, I will share what’s in the box!  In the meantime, if you’re interested in signing up, please check out this link.  I was not compensated by Stitch Fix, but if you use my referral link to sign up, I receive a credit off my next box!

Fun Fall Family Weekend!

Happy October!  We had a super busy and fun weekend.  On Saturday, my in-laws came for the day.  We decided to take them to the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville (they had never been there before!).  A friend of theirs was in the hospital at UVA, so my mother-in-law, Mimi, and I took Harper and Will to the Virginia Discovery Museum while my husband and father-in-law, Grandaddy, headed to the hospital.  This was the first time going to this museum; we have been to another local children’s museum, but this one was much cooler!  Harper and Will especially liked the little town, which included a post office, movie theater, and Panera Bread.  Miss H. played in the post office for the majority of the time (standing up on a stool to reach the cash register).  When other kiddos came over, she put her hand out to push them away.  So bossy!  She is always around kiddos (primarily boys) who are older than she is and has to stand up for herself, so she has a feisty little attitude about her.  When she gets in her moods, she will stomp her foot and say, “No!”  She cracks me up!






Anyway, we met back up with Daddy and Grandaddy for lunch at a restaurant called The Nook.  It was yummy, but I was slightly stressed out since the kiddos were very hungry and tired.


We went to Old Navy where I found a Halloween costume for Will and Miss H.  Will picked out a fox costume and I decided on a cute owl outfit for Miss H (she was sleeping in the car and was unable to select her costume! I hope she likes it!).  Grandaddy hung out in the car while she slept.  Before heading back home, we stopped by the mall and picked up a scarf and shirt for our fall pictures (they are coming up soon!).

Both kiddos slept on the ride back and were grouchy when we arrived home.  I had to pick up my unsold clothes from a consignment sale and swung by a local pizza place to pick up stromboli and salad for dinner.  Mimi and Grandaddy left shortly after dinner, but we had a great time visiting with them.

On Sunday, we went to a local pumpkin patch.  I know, we got pumpkins before Oct. 1st!! Gasp!  The horror!  I was determined to go to a pumpkin patch this year before all the pumpkins were sold out, which happened the past two years.  There’s a fun pumpkin patch up the road from us where you pay $25 for as many pumpkins as you can load into the wagon.  Some of the people had pumpkins piled up so high in their wagons!  We didn’t go that crazy over the pumpkins, but we did end up with about 8 nice sized ones.  Harper and WIll had tons of fun exploring the pumpkin patch, trying to find the best pumpkin.  It’s so cool that the pumpkin patch has an honor system-you put your money in the mailbox-no one is there monitoring the pumpkin patch.



We got our pumpkins set up outside, along with our pretty red mum that our neighbor gave us.  It looks very fall-ish out on our front porch and sidewalk now!

Such a fun, family oriented fall weekend!  Looking forward to spending next weekend doing exciting things with my parents:)