Happy Valentine’s Day!



Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 20-Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Welcome to the 20th week of my Pinterest project, where I try out one of the zillion pins I have on my Pinterest boards, ha!

Will and I (and Harper!) made some cinnamon applesauce ornaments. It was a super easy recipe-mix one cup of cinnamon with three fourths a cup of applesauce and combine to form a ball.


Organize and sort cookie cutters, ha!


Talk to Mimi on the phone while waiting for mommy to stir the applesauce and cinnamon…


Once the mixture has formed into a ball, place it on a cookie sheet between two pieces of wax paper and roll out to approximately 1/4 inch thick.


Take off top layer and press cookie cutters into dough. Switch over to parchment paper after trying unsuccessfully to get the cookies onto the baking sheet. Poke holes into ornaments with a straw.


Bake at 200 degrees for approximately two to two and a half hours.


Thread red ribbon through baked ornaments and attach to Christmas cards as a way to make them fancy:) (These were the Christmas gifts we gave our babysitters-pictures of the kiddos from our fall photo session, a gift certificate, and these wonderful smelling ornaments)



We enjoyed making these ornaments but most of them ended up cracking while baking and had to be thrown away:( Next year, we will make a different type of ornament.

Christmas Tour of Homes Link-Up!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Kelly from Kelly’s Korner for a Christmas Tour of Homes, Instagram style!  Here’s a quick glimpse around our house:)

Each year, we go to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out a real tree.  As mentioned in this post, I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, so we always had real trees.  My husband, on the other hand, would prefer to have an artificial tree.  So far, I’ve won the battle:) Here’s Will in the process of helping mommy and Harper decorate the tree.


Miss Harper loved pointing out the pink and purple ornaments, her favorite colors!


The view of our tree from outside. BTW, after getting our tree home, we realized it kind of looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Don’t look too closely at it, ha!


I bought Will and Harper’s personalized stockings from Pottery Barn Kids.


As well as the tree skirt.


On our mantle, I put up some berry garland and a few red candle holders to make it more festive.


Some Christmas tea towels in the kitchen.


And some wonderful smelling dish soap and hand soap from Method, one of our favorite brands.  I love all of the special edition holiday scents!


I need to slowly add to our small collection of Christmas books.  These three are in Will’s room.


And these are in Harper’s room. My kiddos love the “That’s not my…” books! I can’t tell you how many they have!


One of our traditions is to purchase an ornament for Will and Harper each year.  I love Lisa Leonard Designs ornaments and have gotten our yearly ornaments from her since Will was born.  These are last year’s ornaments, which have their names and year on the back.  Her ornaments are a little more expensive than other ornaments, but I always use a coupon code and she typically has a wonderful deal on ornaments each July.  The quality is great, too!


The wreath on the front door, made by my dad.


And a poinsettia.

20131210-133409.jpgI will probably put up a few more Christmas decorations throughout the house, but I like to keep it simple yet fun!  Thanks for stopping by:)

Five on Friday!


Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday, Instagram Edition (again, ha! Computer is still not working):)

{1} Here’s what happens when you live next to a dairy farm-cows in the road!.  We drove home the other evening from my husband’s work Christmas party, and found about twenty cows out on the road.  As we drove up the hill to turn into our driveway, the cows decided to head up our driveway as well.  We went straight and pulled into our neighbor’s driveway.  My husband got out of the car and chased the cows down the hill back to their field while I texted the farmers to let them know.  The cows don’t get out of their field much, but when they do, they cause lots of damage to our yard and trample our bushes and flowers:(


{2} Last weekend, we went to a local Christmas tree farm to select our tree.  I love this tradition, but my husband…not so much.  He would prefer to have an artificial tree, but so far, I’ve won this battle!  Here’s Miss H. and Will at the farm.  It was a cold, cold day, so we weren’t there long.  Just long enough to pick out a tree and snap a few pics!



{3} Christmas cards-addressed, stamped, and mailed!  I got a great deal from Minted on Christmas postcards, but I also picked up some Christmas cards at Target so I could mail some family and friends pics from our fall photo session.


{4} On Monday and Tuesday, we  had snow/sleet/ice days and  I got to stay home from school! I’ve really enjoyed the time with the kiddos but want to save some of our built-in snow days until later in winter (now we only have three more).  Plus, we only have to work five more days until winter break, yay!  The weather wasn’t too bad on Monday, so I took Will and Harper out to run some errands with me.  When I told Will we were going to run errands, he asked “Why are we going to see Aaron?”  Ha!  We went to the post office to mail our Christmas cards, checked out some books at our local library, and headed to our favorite toy store to play and pick out some gifts.  On Tuesday, we hung around the house and made cookies, built a train set, organized our toys, read lots of books, danced to music, and just had lots of fun!



{5} Here’s what our bonus room/play room upstairs looks like on any given day…keeping it real, folks!  I don’t even bother to pick up the toys on a regular basis any more. We do clean up our toys downstairs daily (for the most part), but I’ve given up on the playroom, ha!  Anyway, this leads me to Christmas shopping and gifts.  I’m almost finished with Christmas shopping but decided that since Will and Harper already have lots of toys, we are going to do the simple gift giving philosophy that I’ve seen around blogs and most recently, on the Girl in the Red Shoes.  It’s the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read” philosophy.  We’re also going to collect some old toys that the kids no longer play with and donate to Salvation Army or the local mission.