{fair fun! // it’s the little things}

Last week, we headed to our local county fair for a night of fun. Harper and Will received free gate passes from their summer reading program (sidenote: we got some nice prizes from our local libraries-free passes to a bounce house, free books, fair tickets, coupons for free fro yo, and Harper won one of the end of summer raffles, which was a $10 gift certificate to a local Mexican restaurant that we all love!). Anyway, this was our first time going to our county fair.  I grew up going to the State Fair of West Virginia (in my hometown), so our county fair was quite small. However, we got to pet some animals, look at fun exhibits, and check out the fun rides (though we didn’t ride any). 

Milking cows…you’d think that my kiddos would be tired of seeing cows since we live right beside a dairy farm, but no, they love cows!


Checking out the animals.  Harper and Will got in the pen to pet the calves!IMG_5074.JPG


Smoky the Bear!IMG_5081.JPG

Checking out the tractors…IMG_5087.JPG

And of course Harper had to do the same thing!IMG_5090.JPG

Inspecting the fire trucks. IMG_5097.JPG

Ready to roll!IMG_5107.JPG

This is a really neat sensory activity! A swimming pool full of corn with scoopers and toys. Harper and Will could have stayed there for hours playing in it!IMG_5126.JPG


Last weekend, we headed to the WV State Fair for one last hurrah before I had to go back to work.  


Although it was very cloudy, it didn’t rain at all. It was actually nice weather-not too hot. IMG_9426Will LOVED the rides! We only bought a few tickets because they were pricy and we weren’t sure how much the kids would ride.  Well, next year we will be buying the ride bracelets which lets the kiddos have unlimited access to the rides!IMG_9463I rode the carousel with Will and Harper. IMG_9436IMG_9471Daddy and Harper on the Teacup ride!IMG_9488Silly pic!IMG_9509

IMG_9516 IMG_9547Eating some yummy Ben Ellen Donuts (a fair favorite-they taste like nutmeg!).IMG_9578While watching Galaxy Girl spin around and climb the tower…yikes!IMG_9585Checking out all the animals.IMG_9599They even have a cow birthing center set up! Two calves were born that morning and there were about a dozen cows who were about to give birth! IMG_9621Petting the horses. Will and Harper absolutely love horses! They talk about visiting the horses in the horse barn at Nana’s all the time. IMG_9629Trying their hand at weaving. IMG_9641 We also enjoyed some delicious German chocolate ice cream-yum! The kiddos had a blast and we can’t wait to go back next summer! 


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{take your kids to work day // it’s the little things}

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, my husband’s company had a take your kids to work day. He’s an airplane mechanic for a local company. While Harper and Will were too young for the majority of the activities, I took them after work yesterday to look around the airport and see what daddy does at work. Once the kids are six, they are able to spend the entire day at work, which is so cool! The kids get to shadow their parents in the morning and in the afternoon there are specific activities for them.

Checking out all the airplanes..20140806-080858-29338565.jpg

Walking through the hanger…20140806-080858-29338357.jpg20140806-080858-29338124.jpg

Afterwards, the kids enjoyed cookies and lemonade outside.

20140806-080859-29339020.jpgIt was a fun time, but I’m really looking forward to when they’re able to shadow at work and stay all day!

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{ice cream fun // It’s the Little Things}


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A few weeks ago, we headed to our friend’s house for a fun ice cream party. My friends and I used to get together once a month for dinner at each other’s houses. We rotated between the six families each month, and whoever hosted made the entire meal.  It was a lot of work when it was your turn, but worth it! We had great conversations and food. I’m sad that we no longer get together as frequently, but now everyone is so busy with their kiddos.

We (all six of us) started out teaching at the same middle school, which is how we got to know each other. Originally, five out of the six were all special education teachers. The sixth one was a gen ed math teacher, but we considered her an honorary special education teacher since she was so great with the special education students.  We started the dinner group back in 2005, and at that point, there were seven kiddos. These monthly dinners continued until 2011 (and there were eleven kids).  We’ve tried to get together periodically but it’s difficult with everyone’s busy schedule (and now with 16 kiddos!). However, we managed to get 5 out of the 6 of us together for ice cream, which was a blast! My friend provided the ice cream and everyone brought a few toppings. I made my homemade magic shell and bought some salted caramel sauce.  If you haven’t tried the homemade magic shell, you should! It’s so easy and yummy!

Below are scenes from our ice cream party.  We ended up getting home around ten that night! It was a blast catching up with everyone! In our group, we now have a part time career coach for a high school/stay at home mama, two intervention specialists at local elementary schools, one math remediation teacher for a middle school, one middle school language arts teacher, and one children’s church assistant. It’s so interesting to see how much has changed in all of our lives over the past nine years. However, though it’s been a while since we’ve been together, we pick right back up where we left off:)


{peach orchard fun! // it’s the little things}


Recently, I took Will and Harper to a local orchard where they have a weekly children’s program called “Come Grow With Us.”  The program consisted of a craft, story, a small container for pick-your-own fruit, and a snack.  They base the program on whatever specific fruit is in season, and for us, peaches had just started to ripen.


Learning about peaches and honeybees.


Getting ready to make a craft.


Running through the peach orchard.


Big brother, come back here!



The craft and story revolved around ladybugs.  Each child painted their own ladybug.


Heading out to the orchard to pick our own peaches!


It was an extremely hot morning! When we got in the car to head back home, the temp in my car read 90 degrees!


Selecting the perfect peach.



Heading back after collecting our fruit.


Enjoying some yummy homemade peach frozen yogurt as part of the program.


Finishing up her yogurt.


Returning the wagon and heading home.


This was such a fun morning! I was pleased with the program and all that the $7 fee (per child) included.  We will be back!

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{summer reading} // It’s the Little Things

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Last week, I took Will and Harper to the local library for a summer reading kickoff celebration.  We signed up for their summer reading program and enjoyed a variety of activities on the library lawn.  They even had pony rides (but the line was way too long so we had to skip this activity)!  The kids had a blast and I’m excited for us to start reading more books and filling out our summer reading logs! I love that my kids enjoy being read to and want to continue to foster this love of reading in them as they become readers.

Making bracelets.  This was Will’s favorite activity…he made two beaded bracelets!



Petting the kittens from the SPCA


Blowing bubbles


Water play




More bubble fun!


Beanbag toss


I’m looking forward to more summer fun activities!20140621-204454-74694453.jpg

Sleeping Kiddos // It’s the Little Things


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I’m not sure why, but I love taking pictures of my kiddos sleeping.  Maybe it’s because they look so peaceful or maybe it’s due to the fact that it’s the one time they are still and not in motion, ha! I tend to snap lots of picts of them sleeping in the car.  Here are some recent sleepy pics of my kiddos.

Snoozin’ in the car

20140608-141623-51383291.jpgAsleep on mama for nap time20140608-141623-51383529.jpgAsleep in mommy and daddy’s bed with puppy dog20140608-141623-51383916.jpgSnuggling with mama20140608-141623-51383415.jpgMore sleeping in the car20140608-141624-51384221.jpgAsleep at Mimi’s with puppy dog20140608-141624-51384551.jpgSweet dreams:)


Will’s Imagination // It’s the Little Things

20140604-203807-74287935.jpgHello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”  Will has such a wonderful imagination.  We were driving the other day and he pointed out an elephant in the sky as well as a rhinoceros and a turtle.  The entire drive, he kept pointing out shapes he saw in the sky.  20140604-203809-74289113.jpgThis kiddo loves to build forts.  He will tear apart his room and our bonus room while he makes elaborate forts and ant holes (that’s what he told us he made the other day!).

20140604-203808-74288758.jpgWill loves the outdoors as well.  He would be outside 24-7 if we let him! His latest favorite activity outside is to swing.  He’s learning how to swing on his own but for now, he wears us out with pushing him so much on the swings! 20140604-203808-74288389.jpgSweet boy…I’m looking forward to spending all summer with you and your sister and all the fun adventures we will have and memories we will make:)