Five on Friday!


Happy Friday:). I’m linking up with Darci for Five on Friday! Our computer isn’t working, so I’m unable to access my pics:(. It’s currently being worked on.. I’m hoping it is fixable. Below are a few pics from my iPhone but my camera on my phone has never worked well (and doesn’t work most of the time), so I added a few fun finds from Pinterest and Etsy:)

{1} I love snuggling with kiddos after baths! Will and Harper were enjoying a fun snack time together before bed the other evening. Each day, the two of them play more and more together. I love seeing their interactions and the love they show for each other…it’s so sweet!


{2} Miss Harper stopped nursing the other day:(. I’m still sad about it, especially since we’re not having any more kiddos. She’s my baby:) It seems like I’ve been nursing forever. I started my nursing journey in May 2010 when Will was born. I have nursed straight through until now, with the exception of November 2011 (it got too uncomfortable being pregnant) through March 2012 when Harper was born. So that’s almost three and a half years, wowzers! Will would have kept on nursing but it was too difficult nursing him while pregnant with Harper, so I weaned him at 18 months.

After Will was born, I thought I would just nurse him until he turned one. However, he wanted to keep nursing and so did I (something I thought I would never say in those very early newborn weeks with him; it was pretty rough for the first 6 weeks). When Harper was born, it was so much easier to pick back up and continue nursing. I decided I would nurse her as long as she wanted (within reason…I was planning on stopping by age 2 if she hadn’t stopped before then). Miss H had different plans. She got sick last week and when she tried to nurse, she gagged and pulled away. For several days, I asked her if she wanted to nurse, but she would adamantly say, “No!” each time. I had been so accustomed to nursing and it had become second nature to me. I really do miss it but am glad I had such a great experience with it!


{3} How cute are these lace boot cuffs from Etsy?! I first need to buy a pair of boots (please don’t judge me, but no, I don’t own any boots). Any recommendations?


{4} It’s not too early to plan my daughter’s second birthday party, is it? She doesn’t turn two (gasp!) until March but I’ve been pinning some ideas already. Currently, I’m loving this “You Are My Sunshine” theme with gray, yellow, and navy blue. So cute!


{5} It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in less than a week! Where did the year go?! Each Thanksgiving, I like to try a new recipe, one that puts a spin on the traditional dishes. I’m considering these pumpkin pie parfaits, yummy!



What Does the Fox Say?! A Halloween Recap


What Does the Fox Say? Have y’all heard that song?  If not, you must google it! It’s hilarious!  Anyway, before that song went viral, we selected a cute fox costume for WIll for Halloween.  It’s so, so cute!  However, due to the popularity of the song, EVERYONE asked Will what the fox says, ha!



This was Will and Harper’s first “real” year going trick-or-treating.  Each year, we take the kiddos trick-or-treating to Nana’s.  We also visit her mom (Maw) next door and Aunt Kitty, who lives right beside Maw.  However, before this year, that was the extent of our trick-or-treating.  We loved it, but this year we were invited to our friends’ home for dinner and trick-or-treating.  They live in a huge neighborhood and we thought Will and Harper would like to do more trick-or-treating.  So we headed to their house for pizza and got the kiddos decked out in their fox and owl costumes.  It was getting late, and both kiddos were tired.  We ended up going just down the block and back up, but it was fun.   Mr. Fox ran up to the houses on his own and rang the doorbell.  He also asked for an extra piece of candy for his sister…how sweet:)  His sister was the cutest owl ever:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  Now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving, ha!


Five on Friday!



Happy Friday! I’m linking up again with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday!  It’s been a long week and I’m so glad Friday is here:)  Here’s what’s new with us recently.

{1} Last weekend, we went home to visit my parents.  While we were home, we made sure to jump and play in a big pile of leaves!  It’s one of the activities listed on our fall fun list!  It was so much fun playing in the leaves, though they were wet.  We ended up being so dirty after playing in the leaves that we changed clothes before heading back to our house.!

playing in leaves

{2} Growing up, my family and I made apple cider at a neighbor’s house.  We would pick apples in their orchard, wash them, and send them through the apple cider chopper/press to make delicious cider.  It took all day, but we would end up with gallons of yummy juice that we could drink all winter (we froze most of it).  It’s been several years since I’ve made apple cider, but last weekend when we were home visiting my parents, we were invited to another neighbor’s home to pick apples and make cider.  Although I use the word, “neighbor,” they live about thirty minutes from us (not that far in terms of miles but it takes a while back the narrow gravel roads).  Where I grew up, we were out in the middle of nowhere!  So sometimes your neighbors were more than several minutes away from your home, ha!  Anyway, my mom and I decided to take Will and Harper to pick apples and make cider, at least as much as we could do with two young kiddos!  My husband and dad were on a biking trip that afternoon, so it was just my mom, the kiddos, and me.  Will and Harper loved collecting apples from the orchard in their own little buckets!  In fact, little Miss H. was so insistent on picking her own apples that she threw a tantrum when we tried to help her.  Below is a pic of my mom and Will watching the apples turn into cider.  We got to drink the end result fresh off of the press, ha! It was very yummy!

apple cider

{3} Will loves to help me in the kitchen!  He helped me make a yummy pumpkin bread recipe, which contains vanilla pudding.  The flavor combos in this recipe are delish!  I was tempted to try this recipe for pumpkin French toast, which uses pieces of pumpkin bread instead of regular bread, but the bread is almost gone!  How yummy would that be?!  Pumpkin bread French toast!!  I had a wonderful banana bread French toast at a restaurant once and have always wanted to make a similar dish using pumpkin bread.

pumpkin bread mommy

{4} I saw this neat way to organize fruit into a candy corn shape on the blog, Little Baby Garvin.  Will and Harper both loved it!  Such a fun way to present food to kiddos!  I love that blog, too!  She has lots of neat ideas.  I need to try these fruit and donut skewers sometime!

candy corn fruit

{5}  Miss H. cracks me up!  She is so particular about wearing shoes (and socks-she hates having anything on her feet!).  On this particular day, she had a huge fit because she didn’t want to wear her shoes outside.  I had bought her this pair of red boots at a consignment sale but had forgotten about them.  She decided she wanted to wear the boots, so we went outside to play.  The boots are almost as big as she is, ha!  The only other pair of shoes she will wear is a pair of pink crocs.  It’s going to be a very sad day when she outgrows them.


Eighteen months

I love pulling up old photos on the computer and comparing Will at Harper’s current age. Here’s a picture of Will and Harper at 18 months. Sorry for the bad quality of Will ‘s pic- it’s a picture of a picture! You can definitely tell that they’re related:)



Five on Friday!


Hello!  I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday!


I went to a barn sale last weekend-so much fun! I had never been to a barn sale, but this past weekend, there were two barn sales in the area.  A friend of mine had a booth set up, selling her adorable headbands and accessories.  There were cute accessories and antique furnishings.  I bought some hair accessories and custom ordered a hairclip to match my daughter’s outfit for our fall pictures.  I wasn’t at the sale long…the kiddos were home with daddy and were super fussy.


A Panera Bread opened up near us recently, so we decided to eat dinner there the other evening.  It was delicious! I love Panera, but my husband isn’t that crazy about it. I convinced him to go, and luckily the kids loved it! I can have Will and Harper beg daddy to take us there, ha!  Will and Harper shared some mac and cheese and yogurt.  I had the broccoli cheese soup in a breadbowl (my husband also had soup/breadbowl).  Yum! It was chilly enough for soup that night:)  I thought it was a pretty good deal-dinner for a family of four for $17!


I can’t get over how big Miss H is! She is talking like crazy lately…it seems like as soon as she turned a year and a half, her vocabulary exploded!  She’s repeating everything we say and responding well to our questions.  It’s so amazing to watch!  Love her!


I love watching Will and Harper play together.  As she gets older, she plays more and more with WIll.  It’s so much fun having kiddos close in age.  I hope they will stay close as they grow up.  My husband and I always knew that we wanted to have our kids close in age (around 2 years apart).  Will and Harper are 22 months apart.  I recently realized that when WIll was Harper’s current age (18 months), I was already five months pregnant with her! Yikes!   No, I’m not pregnant, and we don’t plan on having any more kiddos (I would like to but my husband doesn’t).  But it’s hard to remember Will being so young when I was pregnant with Harper.


I saw these play scarves the other day at our favorite local toy store.  Miss H played with some similar scarves the other day in music class and loved them.  They might need to go on our Christmas list, ha! Speaking of Christmas, I like to get my shopping done early.  I haven’t started shopping yet, but I need to start soon.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 7-Easy Banana Bread

Hello! I’m back with another installment of my Weekly Pinterest Project!  This week, I decided to make some easy banana bread with some super ripe bananas that we didn’t end up eating.  Miss H. loves bananas and will eat them for every meal if we let her! Anyway, I thought I would try some banana bread. I LOVE banana bread but my husband doesn’t, so I’m glad that my kiddos like it:)  I especially liked this recipe from Thrifty Decor Chic.  I made it in one bowl, which made clean up really easy! I decreased the amount of sugar and added one teaspoon of cinnamon.  The best banana bread is made with super ripe (overripe) bananas. Yum!! Delicious! Harper and Will each had a piece after lunch, hot out of the oven! Wouldn’t it be yummy to spread some Nutella on it?

Maybe next week I will actually create one of the tons of fall crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  We’ll see, though…it’s just so much easier to cook or bake something! Ha!





Five on Friday!


Hello, Friday:) I’m linking up once again with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday, one of my fave link-ups!


Pumpkin spice latte has been all the rage lately. I love pumpkin but I’m not a huge coffee fan, so I decided to try a new chocolate chai latte at Starbucks. It sounded quite interesting, and it was. It was like drinking spicy hot chocolate…interesting tasting, but I don’t think I will be getting it again. I’ll stick with my regular chai tea latte with a shot of vanilla. Speaking of chai tea, some of the best is from Trader Joe’s. Last year, I found salted carmael (one of my favorite flavor combos) chai tea at Trader Joe’s! Yum-o! I need to see if they have it this fall:)


Here’s one of my completed free books from Shutterfly! There have been several free photo book coupons recently (just pay shipping) and I’ve made a few books so far. This one documents our fun summer. I also made one from Instagram pictures from our spring and summer, as well as a a fall 2012 book. I’m still working on a Christmas 2012 book as well as one documenting Miss H’s first year.


Miss H. and Will are both in Musikgarten class. We started Musikgarten back in the spring for five weeks with Will, and he enjoyed it! I signed him up for a 12 week Cycles of Seasons class this fall. I decided to sign up Miss H. for a ten week music class as well, and she had a blast at the first class. She’s the youngest in her group of 18 month to three year olds, but loves to dance and play with the instruments. It’s going to be a busy fall-Will has class each Monday and Harper has class on Tuesdays. It’s lots of running around for mommy (the class is in a local town about 20 minutes away) driving from work to the babysitter, and back into town, but they have so much fun!


I love seeing how Will creates forts and plays independently! This was a recent creation that he made while I was cooking dinner the other evening. He took his toys and put them in the hallway, creating a blockade against his sister with some stools. Too cute!


Pumpkin dessert success! These pumpkin chocolate chip bars from Two Peas and Their Pod turned out yummy! Thank goodness! I was disappointed after my chocolate pumpkin brownie disaster and wanted to find a delicious pumpkin dessert. I still want to try some new pumpkin dessert recipes this fall, but this was a start.

Happy Friday!