{oh hey Friday!}


Hey! Happy Friday! I’m linking up with The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm for their brand new link up, “oh hey Friday!” I’m so glad they decided to pick up with a Friday link up that’s similar to 5 on Friday. I’ve really been missing the 5 on Friday link up and loved reading other 5 on Fridays.  

Here are my five!

{one} We took Will and Harper bowling the other week. It was our first time taking the kiddos, and they had a good time. I signed them up for the Kids Bowl Free program, so their game was free (I just had to pay for shoe rental). You should check out the Kids Bowl Free program! It’s fun!


{two} This broken piece from a screwdriver was in my tire! Yikes! I went home to visit my in-laws earlier in the week and before I left, my husband told me to keep an eye on my tire. It looked slightly lower than the others. Luckily, I made it to WV and back without any problems. but the next day I took it to the tire place since it seemed like there was a slow leak.  Well, the guy working at the tire place brought me this (big!) gem and said it was lodged in my tire. Wow! 
{three} Walks with the neighbors. We walked up the road the other evening to visit our friends, Isaac, the donkey, and Shadow, the horse. While we were there, the kiddos used the horse trailer as a jungle gym!
{four} Painted piggies! Have you heard of Piggy Paint before? It’s a non-toxic, low odor, kid friendly nail polish that says it’s “natural as mud,” ha! I bought some from a local diaper/natural store when it was on sale a few weeks ago and finally got Harper still enough to paint her piggies! I kept her occupied by giving her a few new kitchen utensils she hadn’t played with before. So cute! I might need to buy a few more colors:) 
{five} I took the kiddos to Nana’s on Monday for a few hours so I could get some work done around the house. It’s amazing how much I can get done without two little ones in the house! They had a blast and I was able to be super productive for the morning. Here they are zooming around Nana’s!
20140710-143613-52573485.jpgHappy Friday:)



Sheep Shearing and Sickness

On Saturday, I took Harper and Will to Nana’s (our babysitter) to watch Nana’s brother shear sheep.  They have over 400 sheep and spent most of the day shearing them.  Will and Harper were so excited to watch the sheep “get a hair cut!” I love that my kids get to spend time on a farm.  Nana’s parents, Maw and Grandaddy, live right next to Nana and own a farm.  They live in a cool old farmhouse and have several horses, plenty of barn cats, sheep, chickens, and cattle.  Nana’s brother, who basically runs the farm, lives on the other side of Maw and Grandaddy.


On the farm…


Checking things out…


Will loves Grandaddy’s horses.


Picking buttercups with our neighbor’s son…


After watching the sheep shearing for a little and wandering around the farm, checking out the seven newborn kittens in the barn and petting the horses, we popped in to Maw’s house to say hi.  Will and Harper walk to Maw’s house a few times a week to visit.  Her house is full of fun, old toys from when my neighbor and her brother were little (my neighbor’s mom is Nana).  On their visits to Maw’s, they usually go to the horse barn to visit the animals.  Love, love, love that they get this opportunity to be on a farm and to become close to Nana and her husband (who we consider Will and Harper’s third set of grandparents) as well as Maw and Grandaddy.  So much can be learned from this wonderful generation of people!

On Sunday, Will woke up with a fever:( We had planned on going to church and to a lunch, but those plans were cancelled.  We stayed at home all day and chilled.  I took Harper to the doctor earlier in the week and found out she had a respiratory virus.  Will ended up getting it this morning.  No fun…but at least it was the weekend and I didn’t have to go to work.  I spent extra cuddle times with Will and Harper today:)

I hope y’all had a great weekend!

Outside Fun at Nana’s // It’s the Little Things Link-Up


I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “Its the Little Things.”  When I picked up Will and Harper the other day from our babysitter, Nana’s house, I snapped a few pictures of the kiddos playing outside.  Will and Harper would live outside if I let them, ha! They love to play outdoors! At Nana’s, it’s especially fun to play outside since she has several playhouses and a big playset.  Plus, Nana’s parents have a mini farm with horses and sheep.  The kiddos frequently walk next door to Maw and Grandaddy’s to visit and to see the animals.  More on our wonderful babysitting set-up here.



Five on Friday!


Hello! Happy Friday!  I’m so glad I only have to work a half-day today:)  Last night, we had to work late for parent/teacher conferences, and we have parent/teacher conferences this morning.  I’m going to spend the afternoon at home with my kiddos:)  I’m linking up again with Darci and friends for my favorite link-up!

{1} It’s getting cold and finally seems more like fall here in Virginia!  I bought these hats for Miss Harper on Etsy from KT and the Squid.  I love all the different color combos you can use to create these hats!  Just for fun, here’s a comparison of Harper last fall and this fall.  How much she has grown!  She’s no longer my baby:(

Oct collage

{2} I realized that I didn’t have many fall themed books, so I visited our local toy store, Pufferbellies, the other day and picked up two fun fall books!  I’m enjoying reading these books to Harper and Will.  Pretty soon, we will be reading Christmas books! Oh, my, the time flies by!

fall books

{3}  Will and I went to a friend’s house last Saturday for a fall harvest party.  Here’s a pic of us at the party. Ignore the fact that Will isn’t wearing any shoes-he had been jumping in the bouncy house. My friend has her own inflatable bounce house-how cool is that?! We had a great time doing cute pumpkin themed crafts and eating yummy fall desserts inspired by Pinterest. We came home with a bag of goodies, including pumpkin pie play-dough.  It smelled so yummy and was fun to play with!  My friend shared this website full of play-dough recipes.  I’m thinking about trying the gingerbread play-dough with Will closer to Christmas!

fall harvest party

{4} I have seen this quotation from Anne of Green Gables recently and just love it!  I.Love.October!  It’s one of my favorite months! So many fun activities to do in the fall!  It’s a great time to create new traditions with your family.  Here’s Miss H. enjoying fall at my parents.  Anne of Green Gables quote

{5} Last Saturday, I went to a baby shower for (one of) my babysitter’s daughter, Susan.  Here is a little background of our wonderful babysitting arrangement.  Anyway, my friend hosted the most adorable woodland themed baby shower for Susan, who is expecting her first child (a boy) in December.  I had passed on to Susan several big baby items that Harper and Will no longer used, so she told me the only gift she wanted from me at her shower was a batch of these brown butter snickerdoodle cookies.  I first made these last year for our annual cookie day at Nana’s (our other babysitter), and Susan and the rest of the cookie day crew gave the snickerdoodles the 2012 cookie of the year award!  Sidenote: the pressure is now on to find a new cookie that wins the award this year…any recommendations?  Last Friday evening, I made the batter and baked them Saturday before the shower.  They were still warm when I arrived at the shower!  How fitting is it that she’s due around cookie day this year!  I also bought her two of our favorite board books, Gossie and The Going to Bed Book.  baby shower