Five on Friday


Hello, Friday, I’m so glad you are here! It’s been a very long first week back to school. I’m linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.

{1} I’m loving Miss H’s rompers and am getting kind of sad that this will probably be her last year wearing them:( Next year, she’ll more than likely be too big for this style. They are just so cute! I am looking forward to fall outfits and colors, though. So many pretty colors out there for the fall. It’s feeling like fall already in Virginia…the past few mornings, the temps have been in the 50s. Speaking of fall, I need to start searching for outfits for our fall pictures!


{2}I love seeing my husband read to our kids:) Miss H. often goes up to daddy with a book and plops herself down on his lap. We are participating in a 1,000 books by kindergarten program at our local library, so we’ve been trying to keep track of all the books we read. It is apparent that we have some favorites in our household. It tends to go through phases, though. For a while, it was the Gossie books (some of our favorites!). Then it was Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Now we’re reading lots of Dr. Seuss. I’ve been rotating books from our living room up to Will’s room so that we have more variety. It seems to help!



{3} Now that I’m back at work, I’m starting to wear necklaces more often. Over the summer, I didn’t wear them at all. I tend to forget about putting jewelry on, but I’m trying to make more of an effort now that I’m at school. My mom got me an Origami Owl necklace for my birthday (see below), which is cute. Some of my favorite necklaces are by Lisa Leonard Designs. Below is the “mama” necklace I have of hers. I rarely wear bracelets or earrings, but I do like necklaces:)


{4} I recently got prints of our summer pictures in the mail (mpix is the way to go-you get nice, high quality prints). I swapped out last year’s pics with this year’s summery ones. I love it! I would love to get several nice canvases for a wall display but they are expensive. Any suggestions?

20130813-202231.jpg{5} I don’t really like oatmeal, but I came across some yummy tasting recipes that I just might have to try from Chocolate Covered Kate. Chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal (I love all things chocolate chip cookie dough!), sugar dough oatmeal, frappuccino oatmeal!! They sound delicious! This might have to be my next Pinterest project.


Midweek Randoms


Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up with Megan from In This Wonderful Life for a mid-week brain dump! Ha! Below are some random thoughts/happenings.

  • Yum-have you tried this cookie butter from Trader Joe’s? It has the most interesting taste but is absolutely delicious! I have made several desserts with cookie butter but I prefer to just eat it on a spoon! It is a good substitute for peanut butter when making desserts. I found another type of cookie butter spread at our local grocery store, but it’s not nearly as good as Trader Joe’s (but I am slightly addicted to that store!).


  • This is my first week back to school. Ugh. My least favorite part of preparing for the work day is packing lunches. I loved summertime when I didn’t have to pack my lunch and breakfast and lunch for my kids. To save time, I always pack our breakfasts and lunches the night before. I like to sleep in as much as possible during the school year. Unfortunately, that still means I have to wake up around 5:45am to be out the door by 6:50 in order to drop the kids off and make it to school between 7:30-40.
  • Hopefully we will get more into a routine as the school year goes on. Since it’s only day three of back to school, it’s been difficult adjusting to not sleeping in, not spending all day with the kiddos, etc. I really miss my time with my kids. By the time I get home from school and pick them up, it’s time for dinner, a little play time, then baths, story time, and bed. Ideally, I would like to work part-time, but that’s not feasible. I do LOVE that I have the summers off. I can’t imagine having a job where I worked year round. One big advantage to being a teacher!
  • Fall consignment sale #2 is coming up in about a month, so I need to start re-tagging the items that I didn’t sell at the first sale. I sold about 125 out of 200 items at the first sale and made a good amount of money. This second sale is much smaller but is still worth it. I plan on discounting most of the items so they will sell. If they don’t, I might donate some of the items and hang onto some of the nicer items. In the spring, both consignment sales are the same weekend, which doesn’t work well for those of us who sell at both sales. Last year, I sold at both sales but am probably just going to do the bigger sale this time.


  • Still soaking up as much summer/outdoor time as we can. Here’s Will attempting to blow bubbles last night.


  • I have been searching for a chalkboard picture or printable to use for Will’s first day/last day of preschool. I found a neat chalkboard sign on Etsy (one of my favorite sites!) that I might get. Yes, I’m going to be one of those parents who gets a picture of their first day of/last day of school until they’ve graduated high school, ha!
  • Speaking of pictures, I’m trying to go through and delete some of the thousands (literally) of photos I have on our computer. Every once in a while we will get a message saying that our hard drive is almost full, so I go and delete some pics. I’m really bad about not deleting not good pics off my camera. I tend to just upload everything onto the computer and go through the pictures at a later point. I really need to find a better way to organize/sort through all my pictures.
  • Shutterfly recently had a coupon code for a free 8×8 photo book (you just pay shipping). I need to get started on the photo book before it expires! It’s just hard to find the time, especially now that I’m back to work!