Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 28-Peanut Butter Energy Bites


Hello and happy Monday:) I made these easy no bake energy bites recently, which turned out delish!

I’m not a big breakfast person…well, I take that back. I love breakfast food and enjoy cooking eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. on the weekends but during the work week, I’m not big on eating breakfast. Part of it is because I’d rather sleep in a few minutes longer and eat something on the run. I came across these energy bites and whipped them up in no time at all. I didn’t have any coconut, so I added a little more oats. I substituted some Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips for the mini chocolate chips. They are a wonderful breakfast on the go! They’re like dessert and have a nice, honey peanut butter taste to them! Will and Harper greatly enjoyed them as well! Next time, I plan on adding coconut and possibly some chia seeds to them.




Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 26-Muffin Tin Lunch


Happy Monday! I have a quick, fun post today:) Recently, Will has become a super picky eater. Foods like lasagna and homemade pizza are no longer appealing to him. I’m hoping it’s just a (short) phase but I’ve had to get more creative with his meals. I don’t want to become one of those parents who cooks a separate meal for their kiddos. Nope, sorry, you’re going to eat (or at least try) what I’m making for dinner! I always make sure to include a variety of foods for Will that I know he likes (along with our main dish), such as cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

I came across a fun way to display food in muffin tins. Here was Will’s lunch:

Dried cranberries
Mac and cheese
Sweet potatoes

It was hard to find 12 different items to include, but Will greatly enjoyed it! He ate everything (except for the cheese) and wanted seconds of several items!



I plan to use the muffin tin periodically for serving Will’s lunch and love the idea of Bento lunches! Any fun lunch ideas to help with a picky preschooler?!

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 25-Owl Valentines


Happy Monday! I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for a few more weeks, but I’m trying to stay ahead of the game, ha! I wanted to make some fun, non-candy Valentines for Will’s preschool friends and came across lots of cute ideas on Pinterest.  I love these cute ideas but ended up making some owl Valentines.

Here’s what I did:

{1} Create a tear drop shaped template out of cardstock or scrapbook paper (I did this free-handed so it wasn’t perfect but it worked for me).


{2} Trace and cut out tear drops.  I didn’t have any red or pink paper, so I used greens, yellows, and oranges.


{3} Fold over the top of the tear drop and glue down.  Cut out a v shape at the top of the owl’s head.  Glue on eyes (I used buttons) and cut two slits for the pencil to slide through.  I found some cute, cheap pencils at Target (of course!).  Add the pencil and a personalized note.  I wrote, “You’re a hoot!”


Here are the cute owls!




Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 23-DIY Reed Diffusers

In going along with the DIY household products theme, I decided to try this super easy aroma diffuser from one of my all time favorite home decorating/DIY blogs, Young House Love.

This project was very simple-you just need some wooden skewers, a glass vase, and some fragrance oil. I went with the Young House Love’s recommendation to use Mrs. Myers All Purpose Cleaner, which I found in a honeysuckle scent at our local Target. All you do is put the reeds in the vase (cut the ends if they are too long) and pour in the fragrance. The key is to frequently turn the reeds in order for the fragrance to smell stronger.

Now it’s off to decide which DIY project to do next!!



Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m off work until next year, ha! I’m so glad to have lots of time off to spend with my family during Christmas:) The break will be really nice! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday!

{one} We visited Santa at our favorite local toy store last weekend. I wasn’t sure how Miss Harper would do. We had a trial run with Santa in November at my school’s holiday breakfast. Let’s just say that Harper was not impressed with Santa. At our second Santa visit, Will reluctantly sat on Santa’s lap while Harper pulled some books off the shelf to read. I handed Santa the book she was reading and she decided to hop up on his lap to hear the rest of the story! Yay! I loved this Santa visit because he really took his time talking to each kid. Plus, you brought your own camera and could take as many pics as you wanted.


{two} I made a natural baby soap/wash last week as part of my weekly Pinterest project. The soap was so easy and very cheap to make. I have used it with Harper and Will in the bathtub. While it is nice, I prefer to use it as a hand soap. Making this soap has gotten me interested in making homemade laundry detergent. Any good recipes out there?


{three} Last weekend, we got a tiny amount of snow. Will desperately wanted to go sledding, so he attempted down a little hill at Nana’s (we were there for our annual cookie day). Amazingly, he was able to sled and had a blast! Harper opted to stay on the hill and observe:)



{four} Our favorite toy store (where we visited Santa) hosted the well-known silhouette man, Tim Arnold. I signed up Will and Harper to have their silhouettes masterfully created. Tim was amazing! I held the wiggly kiddos on my lap (one at a time) and within five minutes, Tim had crafted beautiful works of art. If you have the chance and he comes to your area, I recommend getting silhouettes done. They are such a treasure!



{five} I made these fruit candy canes from strawberries and bananas for the kiddos the other evening. They loved eating this fun shaped fruit!


I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays:)

Weekly Pinterest Project-Week 18: Twenty Five Christmas Activities



Hello and Happy Monday! I wanted to do a special activity with Will (and Harper) each day until Christmas. I brainstormed a list of 25 activities and wrote them on slips of green paper. I picked up a white tin from Target’s dollar aisle where I folded up and put the slips of paper. Each day, Will and I select an activity to do together. I combined a variety of easier and more involved activities and carefully select each day’s activity depending on whether it is a school night or the weekend.

After Christmas, I plan on buying a countdown calendar (maybe this one) and will slip the activities in each day.

Here are the 25 activities I came up with (in no specific order):
1. Attend Christmas parade
2. Make gingerbread and/or peppermint playdough
3. Cookie day
4. Drive around in pajamas and look at Christmas lights
5. Donate toys to local organization (Salvation Army, etc.)
6. Read a Christmas book
7. Go to daddy’s work Christmas party
8. Go to a local nursery and select Christmas tree
9. Decorate Christmas tree
10. Read a Christmas book (this shows up several times because it’s an easy but fun activity)
11. Watch a Christmas movie
12. Wear new Christmas pajamas
13. Make pinecone birdseed feeders
14. Create paper snowflakes
15. Pics with Santa at our local toy store
16. Make a snack necklace
17. Eat a red/green dinner
18. Read a Christmas book
19. Drink hot chocolate
20. Make Christmas cookies
21. Donate canned goods to the local food bank
22. Create and eat holiday shaped snacks
22. Decorate a gingerbread house
24. Write a letter to Santa
25. Read a Christmas book