A Day in the Life…

I absolutely love reading “A Day in the Life” posts by other bloggers.  It’s so fun to see what other people’s daily lives are like. I have wanted to do a day in the life post for a while now, and a few weeks ago, I decided to finally capture pictures of our day.  I plan on doing another day in the life post this summer when I’m home with the kiddos.

May 22, 2014-a day in the life…

5:48am-my alarm goes off.  I typically get up at 6:00am but this morning, I have several additional tasks I need to do before heading out the door.  I wake up, read a few blog posts quickly on my phone and then hop in the shower.

6:20am-showered, dressed, downstairs making coffee.  I drink my coffee iced (year round!) with 3/4 milk, 1/4 coffee (with some sugar).  Yum! I pack our bags (grab our lunches from the fridge) and put them in the car.

20140523-173950-63590096.jpg6:35am: I wake up Will (he is usually so excited to go to Nana’s each day that he wakes up before 6:45am) and remind him that it’s his last day of his 3 year old preschool program.  I get him dressed and we quickly rush outside to take some “Last day of Preschool” pictures.  He is fairly cooperative, considering it is early in the morning! Harper is still sleeping.20140523-173950-63590417.jpg6:45am-Will and I head inside to get Harper up and dressed.  She is not a happy camper this morning:(  She is a grouch and kicks and screams while I change her diaper and clothes.  20140523-173950-63590786.jpg6:50am- I rush to put together these cute flowers for Will’s preschool teachers as a thank you for all that they’ve done this year.  Will picked out the flowers the previous evening (he really wanted to buy them orange flowers since that’s his favorite color!). 20140523-173949-63589786.jpg6:58am-After giving the kids a few cheerios for the car ride to Nana’s (the babysitter), I get the kiddos in the car. We drive the seven minutes up the road to Nana’s. Since we’re running late, I only stay a minute or two at Nana’s.  I give her the run-down on how the kiddos are doing and let her know that my husband will be picking up Will and Harper today.  20140523-173951-63591136.jpg7:11am-I give the kiddos a kiss and tell them that I will see them later in the day.  The drive to work from Nana’s is 25 minutes, so I listen to music and think about my huge to-do list.

7:36am-I arrive at school and head down to my classroom.  Our school is a pod style school, which is great when the weather is nice.  However, in winter, it’s not so fun:(

20140523-173951-63591557.jpgI am an intervention specialist and work with students who are at risk in reading and/or math.  In my role, I also serve as our school testing coordinator, 504 chairperson, Teacher Assistant chairperson, and in several other capacities.  During the month of May, my daily role is the testing coordinator for our end of year state assessments.  Today, I spend my time monitoring online testing sessions and competing with our school nurse to see who gets the most calls on the walkie for the day, ha! Our school nurse told me she loves the month of May since I get more calls on the walkie than she does.  Throughout the day, I hear my name on the walkie a zillion times.  I have to go assist with computer issues, sick students, and other technical difficulties.  It makes the day fly by, though!

I have a meeting after school at 3:30 that I am responsible for leading.  At 4:35pm, I head home to see my kiddos and hubby.

5:00-I arrive home to hear my kiddos shout with excitement that mommy is home! We eat dinner (leftovers) and I throw a load of laundry in the washer.  20140523-173952-63592005.jpg6:30pm-We head out the door for Will’s closing preschool program.  His preschool is about 15 minutes away and we want to get there a little early.

20140523-173952-63592425.jpg7:00-8:00pm-We enjoy Will’s year end preschool program. His first year at preschool flew by! His program was very cute-the kiddos sang songs and there was a slideshow documenting the year of fun at preschool.  It also showed each of the kids when they were babies.  I started tearing up during the slideshow…happy tears but sad at the same time at how fast Will is growing up.  20140523-173952-63592795.jpg8:30pm- We arrive home and get the kids ready for bed. I typically help Will get his teeth brushed and put his pajamas on.  We read a book together and talk about the day.  My husband gets Harper ready for bed and hands her off to me after I’m finished reading to Will.  I read a book to Harper and rock her to sleep while listening to Rockabye Baby on Pandora.

20140523-173953-63593138.jpg9:10pm-I put a sleeping Harper in her crib but as I leave the room, she wakes up and screams.  I head downstairs and she goes back to sleep within a few minutes.

9:20pm-I make a Greek pasta salad for a Memorial Day weekend picnic and clean up the kitchen.

20140523-173954-63594715.jpg10:00-10:45pm-Finally some me time! I read blogs and visit with my husband before heading to bed and starting all over again the next day:)


Will’s First Year of Preschool

Will preschool year 3

Will has finished his first year of preschool! As his mommy, I can’t believe how fast time has flown by:( It makes me so sad to think that my little boy is already four and has completed his 3 year old preschool program.  Time, please slow down!

He attended preschool two days a week in the mornings this year and next year, he will go three days a week.  I am fortunate to have a great babysitter who takes him and picks him up each day.  Without her, Will wouldn’t be able to attend preschool since I work full time.  Will’s preschool teacher and aide have been wonderful…fortunately, the aide works with the 4 year old program so he will have a familiar face next year.  Next year’s teacher has substituted for Will’s 3 year old class and Will absolutely adores her! The first day he met her, he came home and told me that he named his stuffed puppy dog after his new preschool teacher, ha!

To celebrate his preschool year, we attended a cute end of year program last week.  Will and his preschool friends sang and danced, and we saw a cute slideshow of all the fun the kiddos had this year.  On the slideshow was a picture of each preschooler as a baby.  On the next slide, it showed a current picture and information about what they want to be when they grow up, what their favorite color is, etc.  Over half his class wants to be farmers, including Will! We do live in a rural, agricultural area after all, ha!

After the preschool program, they had a very nice reception with cake and punch for everyone.








5 on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Natasha and friends for 5 on Friday:)

{one} Spring blooms! I’m loving this weather and the gorgeous flowers that are popping up around us! School is almost over and summer will be here! Yay!


{two} Water Wows-these are really fun no-mess paint with water coloring pads from Melissa and Doug.  You fill the pen up with water and “paint” on the scenes.  The color magically appears and dries so you can color the pictures over and over again.  We enjoy these coloring pads in the car as well…it’s a fun travel activity.  20140519-220546-79546437.jpg

{three} Making pb and honey sandwiches! Will has really been big into helping me in the kitchen lately and was thrilled when I told him he could make his own peanut butter and honey sandwich for his field trip this week.  We typically eat leftovers for lunch (even the kiddos…I pack them leftovers and they have hot lunches every day at the babysitter) so it’s rare that we have bread in the house.  We just aren’t big sandwich eaters.  However, my husband and Will went on a field trip this week (see picture below) and I needed to make sandwiches for them.  Now Will has been asking for a peanut butter sandwich all the time, ha!20140519-220546-79546014.jpg

{four} I was unable to go on Will’s field trip this week due to conflicts with school, so my husband went.  He texted me pictures throughout the morning of Will and his preschool friends having their field day, which was so fun!  For this field trip, they headed to a local park and set up stations with a variety of games and activities.  They also had a picnic lunch.  My husband told me that Will was so shy and clung to him most of the time.  Here’s a picture of his class (he’s in the green striped shirt). 20140520-211422-76462841.jpg

{five} Essential oils-do you use them? I’ve been reading more and more about them on blogs and am curious about them.  I picked up some orange essential oil from a local store the other week and plan on making a bug spray that’s safe for kiddos.  I just haven’t gotten around to making it yet, ha! I’m sure it will be one of my weekly Pinterest project posts:)20140520-212306-76986165.jpg

I hope you all have a super weekend!

Will’s Artwork // It’s the Little Things


Hello! I’m linking up with Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley from Words About Waverly for “It’s the Little Things.”

My kiddos do lots of art projects…at the babysitter’s, at preschool (for Will, who typically comes home with one piece of artwork each preschool day), at home.  The piles of artwork from Will and Harper accumulate very quickly (especially for Will).  I hate to throw any of their work away, but let’s be realistic here.  My whole house would eventually be full of their craft projects and finger paintings.  

I found a free app called Artkive where you can snap pictures of your child’s artwork and save it.  You are able to create folders for each child and put in the specific date when the artwork was made, as well as purchase photo books full of your kiddos’ artwork.  I haven’t purchased a photo book yet but I have been using the app to take and store pictures of Will and Harper’s artwork.  I plan on purchasing a book once I’ve accumulated more pictures.

After I “artkive” the artwork, it goes into one of two piles.  One pile is a throw away pile (it’s artwork that’s nice but not a favorite, like one of the many dot stamper creations Will makes at the babysitter) and the other is a keep/need to find a way to display it in the house pile.  I haven’t come up with a way to showcase their artwork yet but have been scouring Pinterest for ideas.

Here is some recent artwork from Will’s preschool.




It’s just so hard to part with their artwork.  Any ideas on what works well for you in terms of organizing your child’s creations?!

Around Here Lately…

It’s been a little busy around here lately! On Sunday, my college roommate and her family visited for part of the afternoon. They travel to Tennessee to visit family and occasionally have time to visit on their way through. We hadn’t seen them since Harper was a few months old, so it had been a while! My roommate’s youngest daughter is one month older than Harper, so it was lots of fun to watch them play together!

Will had music class on Sunday and Monday, which wrapped up his Musikgarten classes until the fall.  His teacher offers a short spring session but things are way too busy at school in May for me to take him and Harper to class.  Here’s a pic of Will, one  of his music friends, and Ms. Sarah, the teacher.


Friends of ours came over Sunday evening right after music class to visit.  They are building a house right up the road from us and are using the same contractor we used.  They wanted to talk house stuff! I had to go back through our old house files to get more specific info for them…it’s been seven years since we built! My how time flies by! My friend has four children, so Will and Harper got to play with them. Her youngest daughter is two days younger than Will.  We were both in the hospital at the same time! I first met her back in the early 2000s when we were getting our master’s degree in education.  I ended up teaching middle school special education with her for several years.  She now works at a high school and I work at an elementary school, so we don’t see each other as much.  It was great to catch up with them!

Today, I had an eye doctor and dentist appointment.  Such fun! Not! However, it meant that I took the day off work and was able to take Will to preschool.  Since I work full time, my babysitter takes Will to preschool twice a week.  I have only taken him once this year, and that was when I went on his pumpkin patch field trip.  He showed me the whole preschool drop-off routine, where to park, how to sign in, etc. It was so fun! I brought Harper along as well.  She wanted to stay with the rest of the kiddos!

At preschool…


After picking up Will at preschool and dropping him off at Nana’s, I headed to the dentist. Fun, fun! While I was there, I scheduled Will’s first dentist appointment for the summer! He’s looking forward to going to the dentist and actually wanted to go with me today.  I had a little time in between my dentist appointment and my eye doctor’s appointment, so I stopped by Panera for a quick bite to eat.  I hate eating out by myself (and rarely do), but it wasn’t too bad at Panera. I ate a yummy chicken apple salad and read blogs…it was actually quite enjoyable! I stopped by Target and Michaels to get some party items for Will’s upcoming 4th Lego birthday party.  Then off to the eye doctor.

I have had some vision concerns lately and on Friday, I noticed some weird things happening with my vision. I immediately called my eye doctor and they recommended that I come in. At my appointment, they determined that I had an ocular migraine last week.  Not a big deal  but I need to continue to monitor and see how often they occur.  It initially scared me because of a recent eye diagnosis and some vision issues I need to monitor on a daily  basis.

After the eye appointment, I took Harper to  her last music class. We rushed home so we could enjoy the beautiful spring weather! We went with our neighbors to see Shadow and Isaac, a horse and donkey that live up the road.


Here’s to a more relaxing day tomorrow (but it’s back to work, boo).

Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 27-Valentine’s Day Trail Mix


Happy Monday! I have a fun, quick post today in preparation for Valentine’s Day! Will has to take snacks to preschool several times throughout the year and this week is one of them. I went on Pinterest to find something easy and yummy for him to share with his preschool friends, and I came across numerous Valentine trail mixes. I decided to use some Trader Joe’s yogurt covered cereal, freeze dried strawberries, mini marshmallows, and a few Valentine’s M&Ms (I was originally going to use animal crackers as well but I didn’t have many left and figured I already had enough different items in the mix).


I recruited Will as my assistant after he woke up from his nap. He thoroughly enjoyed helping (and eating, ha!). I didn’t really measure-we just eyeballed it but I used more cereal than the other items.


Cute snack cups from Target!

Our finished product!



Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 25-Owl Valentines


Happy Monday! I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for a few more weeks, but I’m trying to stay ahead of the game, ha! I wanted to make some fun, non-candy Valentines for Will’s preschool friends and came across lots of cute ideas on Pinterest.  I love these cute ideas but ended up making some owl Valentines.

Here’s what I did:

{1} Create a tear drop shaped template out of cardstock or scrapbook paper (I did this free-handed so it wasn’t perfect but it worked for me).


{2} Trace and cut out tear drops.  I didn’t have any red or pink paper, so I used greens, yellows, and oranges.


{3} Fold over the top of the tear drop and glue down.  Cut out a v shape at the top of the owl’s head.  Glue on eyes (I used buttons) and cut two slits for the pencil to slide through.  I found some cute, cheap pencils at Target (of course!).  Add the pencil and a personalized note.  I wrote, “You’re a hoot!”


Here are the cute owls!