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Hello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”

Have you heard of the “Ladybug Girl” books? They are fun picture books by David Soman and Jacky Davis that feature a creative and imaginative girl named Lulu who loves to dress up as “Ladybug Girl” and go on adventures. I hadn’t heard about the books before until we received Ladybug Girl and Bingo in the mail. Will just loved the book and it soon became our bedtime favorite! At the library, we found all sorts of Ladybug Girl books, including my favorite, Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy. Will said he doesn’t have a favorite-he likes them all:) They even have Ladybug Girl board books for younger kiddos, which Harper loves! If you haven’t discovered these books, you should check them out!

After reading the Ladybug Girl books, Will headed outside the other day to play. He created a pirate ship with Harper and played in the sand to “make” pirate food.  Both kiddos played well and used their imagination to play pirates for a while. 
Heading up to the pirate ship.
I love seeing Will and Harper use their creativity in their play.  We encourage as much outside playtime as possible, which is easy for us since they love the outdoors.
20140707-121022-43822499.jpgDo you have any recommendations for creative children’s books? Please share!



{summer reading} // It’s the Little Things

Hello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”

Last week, I took Will and Harper to the local library for a summer reading kickoff celebration.  We signed up for their summer reading program and enjoyed a variety of activities on the library lawn.  They even had pony rides (but the line was way too long so we had to skip this activity)!  The kids had a blast and I’m excited for us to start reading more books and filling out our summer reading logs! I love that my kids enjoy being read to and want to continue to foster this love of reading in them as they become readers.

Making bracelets.  This was Will’s favorite activity…he made two beaded bracelets!



Petting the kittens from the SPCA


Blowing bubbles


Water play




More bubble fun!


Beanbag toss


I’m looking forward to more summer fun activities!20140621-204454-74694453.jpg

Mommy Summer Must-Haves

I have shared a toddler boy summer must-haves list and a toddler girl summer must-haves…now it’s time for a mommy must-have list!

summerbeach must haves

{one} Retro Metro bag // I love Thirty-One products and patterns! This new print is perfect for summer.

{two} Camelbak insulated water bottle // I drink lots of water throughout the day (and especially as summer is approaching), and it’s so handy to have nice water bottles like this Camelbak.

{three} tile beach towel // I need to invest in a few more beach towels before our summer beach trip and love this pattern!

{four} jersey faux-wrap dress // summer dresses=love:)

{five} beach read // I love Emily Giffin, and her new book just came out this month! I need to get on the waiting list at our local library! While I used to take lots of books to the beach to read (before kiddos), there’s just no time for that any more, ha!

{six} sunscreen // Gotta protect your skin!

What are your summer must-haves?!

Weekend Fun!

What a fun weekend! Here’s a quick recap of what we did:)

Spent lots of time outside enjoying the warm weather: picking flowers for mommy, digging in the rocks, running down the yard, playing in the sandbox, swinging on the swing set and much more!


Checking out our local book fair that occurs several times a year. It’s a huge book sale with great prices and a good selection of books. We primarily checked out the kids’ book section and came home with five board books for under $15 (including two new Sandra Boynton books, one of our favorite authors)!


Reading our new books.


On Saturday evening, we headed to a local (kid friendly) California style Mexican restaurant.  This is one of Will and Harper’s favorite restaurant (yay for mommy and daddy!), primarily because of the doodle pads for the kiddos and the yummy queso and chips.


After dinner, we took a stroll around town.  The kiddos love walking up the hill by the train station and across this cool bridge!


On our walk, we always have to peek into the quilt shop window and say hi to the cat that lives there:)


A little Saturday evening grocery shopping-how exciting, ha! I usually go shopping on the weekends with Will and my husband stays home with Harper. However, since we were out and about, we decided to go to the grocery store. I gave in and let the kiddos “drive.”  I know they love it, but, really, it’s hard to steer those carts!


On Sunday, we visited a new church (which we liked), hung out at home and read books, and played outside.


On Sunday afternoon, our music class had a year-end celebration for family members. Since I always take Will and Harper to their music class, we wanted to bring along Daddy so he could see what we do. We had a short music class with Ms. Sarah and enjoyed visiting with our music class friends and eating snacks.  Fun!


Enjoying our Sunday afternoon outside!


Baths, then snack time before bed.


Have a great week:)


5 on Friday!



Hello and Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Christina and several other bloggers for 5 on Friday:)

{one} Handwritten notes…it seems like they’re almost a thing of the past.  I make an effort to periodically send handwritten cards throughout the year, but it has become more difficult to do (or at least remember to do) when there’s texting and emails.  I still enjoy getting letters in the mail, so I try to return the joy to others.


{two} Yum! Have you tried the Pirate’s Booty snacks?  I kept seeing them on blogs and finally bought some at Target recently.  They are delicious cheddar cheese puffs. While they are still not the most healthy snack, they are a lot better for you than the orange cheese puffs that we grew up with.  My husband and kiddos loved them as well.


{three} Reading with daddy…so precious! I love snapping moments like this in the midst of our crazy, hectic lives.


{four} I came downstairs last weekend and discovered that Will decided to set the table for all of us for breakfast. How sweet! I need to start having him do more chores around the house.  Have you seen the chore chart that’s floating around the internet? It details age appropriate chores/tasks for kids. I need to pull it up again and see how we’re doing with chores.


{five} Baby feet! Actually, toddler feet but Miss Harper’s feet are so small! I’m loving these purple Crocs that I bought for her last fall.  She’s obsessed with the color purple and wants to wear these shoes all the time now!


Happy Friday:)


A Love of Reading


Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”

Miss Harper and Will love to “read” and have books read to them. Harper brings book after book to me. Currently, she is loving “Goodnight, Gorilla,” which we’ve been reading EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed:) I read a book to Will each night before his daddy puts him to bed (of course, I read books to both kiddos throughout the day but these are our specific bedtime routines). I’m hoping the love of reading will continue for my kiddos! I plan on reading chapter books each night when Will is a little older.

One of my favorite memories from childhood was my mom reading aloud chapter books to us (my three brothers and me). She read aloud a few chapters each night and always left us hanging, wanting to finish the book to see what would happen to the characters. I’ve continued with my joy of reading, though it’s much more difficult to find the time to read with small kiddos.

Any recommendations on chapter books that I could read aloud to Will soon (he will be four in May)?


{It’s the Little Things}


Happy Wednesday! I’m joining Ashley and Jess for their new link-up:)

I just love sleeping babies! It’s so precious to watch them while they are sleeping. I can’t get over how big my two have gotten! Will turns four in May and Harper will be two next month! They are no longer my little babies:( I’m cherishing every minute with them because time certainly flies by!  It just seemed like yesterday that Will was a newborn cuddling in my arms.  Although he’s going to be four, he is such a mama’s boy.  Will constantly wants to do everything that mommy is doing and always wants to be with me.

I took this picture the other afternoon (during one of our snow days!) after he had fallen asleep.  When he goes down for naps, I stay with him (usually) until he is asleep.  On this particular day, he was clutching “Pam-Pam,” his caterpillar.  He became obsessed with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” when he was one and has loved the plush caterpillar we bought for him ever since.


Miss H. is a mama’s girl (though not as quite a mama’s kiddo as Will is) and loves to cuddle.  I put her down for naps (on the weekends when I’m home) and to bed each night.  I miss the fact that she doesn’t nurse any more…I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences breastfeeding Will until he was 18 months and Harper until she was 19 months.  I wasn’t ready to stop nursing  her but one day she decided she was finished.  I still love rocking her to sleep each night and holding her tight, knowing that she’s growing up so fast!