Weekly Pinterest Project: Week 29 -Painter’s Tape Race Track


On a recent snow day, I browsed Pinterest to find some new activities.  We had been stuck inside for several days due to extremely cold temps and needed something new to do.  I came across several race car tracks made with tape, which looked fun!  After rummaging around in the garage, I came across a roll of blue painter’s tape to use for this project.


I started off creating a track around the downstairs (looping around the stairs-from the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room and back to the kitchen).  However, it soon became more fun for Will and Harper to take pieces of the tape and create their own parking lots and roads.  We used up a whole roll of the tape, which was well worth it! As with other activities, Will had more fun constructing the road than he did with actually driving cars on the road.







I recommend this fun activity for a day when you’re stuck inside and need some new ideas.  You could use painter’s tape, masking tape, or even some fun colored Washi tape!