Wagon Ride // It’s the Little Things


Hello! I’m linking up with Jess and Ashley for “It’s the Little Things.”

The other evening, the kiddos and I decided to take a wagon ride to our neighbor’s house to see Shadow and Isaac.  Our neighbors leave treats in their horse trailer for us to feed to Shadow, their horse, and Isaac, their donkey.  Shadow and Isaac love it when we visit! They come running over to the fence, ready for a treat. We really like walking down our neighbor’s driveway since there’s no traffic and the kiddos are able to walk without holding our hand.

I pulled out our dusty wagon and headed off with Will and Harper to visit our animal friends (my husband was mowing the lawn; otherwise, he typically comes with us).  Will and Harper rode in the wagon most of the way, but after a while, Will ran ahead to greet the animals and Harper wanted to pull the wagon.


On the way back,Will helped pull Harper a little.


I even hopped in the wagon with Harper while Will pulled us for about ten feet, ha! He said, “Mommy, the wagon’s too heavy.”


I’m enjoying these fun springtime activities with my kiddos! (And yes, Harper insisted on taking her play cell phone with us!)