Five on Friday!


Happy Friday:) I’m linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday!

{1} I’m loving Emily Ley’s products and recently signed up for her newsletter.  As part of the newsletter, she offered this free iPhone lock screen calendar and matching wallpaper.  So pretty!



{two} I hate how stores put out items SO far in advance.  Bathing suits come out in January and snow pants are in the stores by September!  Crazy!  Let’s just slow down and take things as they come-no need to rush.  By the time I get around to purchasing seasonal items, they are all gone or the stock is extremely limited.  That being said, I love looking at all the cute seasonal items at Target.  Surprise, surprise, they have had their Easter items out for several weeks now (I think probably starting the day after Valentine’s Day, ha!).  Seeing all the bright colors makes me want spring to come soon (as I look out my window and see the snow covered ground, and temps at -1 degree earlier in the day).



{three} Speaking of the snow, this weather has been crazy!  It was in the 60s over the weekend and the next day, we had snow and temps in the teens.  We’ve been going outside any chance we can get!


{four} While shopping at Target the other day, both kiddos put on some fedoras and modeled for us, ha!  They love Target as much as their mommy:)


{five} Yummy!  Will and I quickly threw together some delicious  monkey bread the other evening.  If you haven’t had monkey bread, you must make it! I made an easy version and used refrigerated biscuit dough, chopped walnuts, butterscotch pudding mix, sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter.


Have a great weekend!


Foxes, a Runaway Cow, and Snow Ice Cream!

Today was Snow Day #2 (and we’re off again tomorrow!)!  Here are some scenes from around our house today, on a very chilly, snowy day.

Harper and Will are obsessed with the Fox song! I must have heard “What Does the Fox Say” about ten times today (no kidding!).  Here they are dancing to the song after breakfast.  They are also hooked on dancing to techno, thanks to their daddy.  Miss Harper will specifically request “techno” now, ha!


Since we haven’t left the house in two days and it’s been too cold to spend much time outside, our house looks like a tornado blew through it!


Will looked out the window earlier and shouted out, “Mommy, there’s a cow coming up the driveway!”  I look out, and sure enough, there was a cow strolling up to visit!  I ran out to chase the cow back down the driveway to the barn, but she decided to go straight through the barbed-wire fence and back into the field.  Ouch!  I texted the farmer and let her know what happened…she came later and repaired the fence!


Photo for daddy!  Daddy has been at work the past two days while we’ve been at home enjoying our snow days, so we periodically sent him pics.


After the kiddos woke up from naps, we made snow ice cream!  I had never made it before (and have always been hesitant about eating snow) but googled to make sure that eating ice cream made from snow wasn’t too bad for you.  It was so easy…and delicious!  Mix together 1 cup of milk (I used 2% since that’s what we had), 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt.  Head outside and scoop up 8 cups of clean snow.  Stir snow into milk mixture and now you have snow ice cream!  It melts very quickly, so eat it fast!   We had fun making snow ice cream…I think it will turn into a yearly tradition:)




Now I have to come up with some more activities for snow day #3 tomorrow!

Snow Day!


We are enjoying a relaxing snow day! It’s our first “big” snowfall of the season and Will and Harper were so excited to go out in the snow to make snow angels and snowmen this morning! They are napping now, so I’m enjoying a few minutes of quiet while sipping hot chocolate (The Pioneer Woman’s recipe-yum!) and watching the snow continue to come down. I’m sure we will be back outside later today:)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for a fun Five on Friday!


{one} Brrr…it’s been cold here in Virginia!! The overnight lows this week were around -12 with the windchill! So, so cold! We had a two hour delay twice this week due to the cold temps, which was nice. I love being able to sleep a little longer and spending more time with my kiddos in the morning before work. However, the delay schedules make for very hectic days at school.

With these cold temperatures, I’m trying to get creative with activities for Will and Harper. They love being outside, so being cooped up is difficult. Any suggestions on good inside activities?



{two} I made some delicious banana muffins. These muffins are extra scrumptious, with Greek banana yogurt in the batter and sprinkles on top! I originally found the recipe on Darci’s blog. Will and Harper enjoyed these muffins as well:)



{three} I have been working on organizing our closets. Here is the closet in our small laundry/mud room that I’m (still in the process of) rearranging. Will loves to do art projects, so I’m giving him several shelves in the closet where he has access to his materials.


{four} I came across this beautiful dish mat on Etsy via this blog. What a great idea! Wouldn’t that mat look much prettier on your counter than the bulky dish drainer? It would save on space as well, since you could fold it up and tuck it away when the dishes were dry. I might just have to buy one!


{five} What Does the Fox Say? I’m loving Miss Harper’s new fox pajamas from Old Navy! She got these for Christmas from her Grammy (my mom). Harper’s a little obsessed with her fox and her kitty jammies and throws a fit when we have to get dressed in the mornings, ha! Old Navy always has such cute pajamas for girls and boys. It’s our go to store for kids’ pjs! (*not compensated, just love their pjs!).

Stay warm, and have a great weekend:)


Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I’m off work until next year, ha! I’m so glad to have lots of time off to spend with my family during Christmas:) The break will be really nice! I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday!

{one} We visited Santa at our favorite local toy store last weekend. I wasn’t sure how Miss Harper would do. We had a trial run with Santa in November at my school’s holiday breakfast. Let’s just say that Harper was not impressed with Santa. At our second Santa visit, Will reluctantly sat on Santa’s lap while Harper pulled some books off the shelf to read. I handed Santa the book she was reading and she decided to hop up on his lap to hear the rest of the story! Yay! I loved this Santa visit because he really took his time talking to each kid. Plus, you brought your own camera and could take as many pics as you wanted.


{two} I made a natural baby soap/wash last week as part of my weekly Pinterest project. The soap was so easy and very cheap to make. I have used it with Harper and Will in the bathtub. While it is nice, I prefer to use it as a hand soap. Making this soap has gotten me interested in making homemade laundry detergent. Any good recipes out there?


{three} Last weekend, we got a tiny amount of snow. Will desperately wanted to go sledding, so he attempted down a little hill at Nana’s (we were there for our annual cookie day). Amazingly, he was able to sled and had a blast! Harper opted to stay on the hill and observe:)



{four} Our favorite toy store (where we visited Santa) hosted the well-known silhouette man, Tim Arnold. I signed up Will and Harper to have their silhouettes masterfully created. Tim was amazing! I held the wiggly kiddos on my lap (one at a time) and within five minutes, Tim had crafted beautiful works of art. If you have the chance and he comes to your area, I recommend getting silhouettes done. They are such a treasure!



{five} I made these fruit candy canes from strawberries and bananas for the kiddos the other evening. They loved eating this fun shaped fruit!


I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays:)

Five on Friday!


Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving yesterday at my in-laws.

I’m linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday! Once again, I’m relying on iPhone pics. Our computer is still not working…we’ve taken it to two computer repair places and the techs haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong. It’s driving me crazy not having access to my pics. It’s also difficult writing blog posts on my iPhone.

{1} We are preparing for winter! The other day we bought snow boots and a snowsuit for Will and hats and mittens for both kiddos. Will was obsessed with wearing his snow boots around the house! Here he is modeling his stylish boots, ha! He’s really excited about playing in the snow this year and building snowmen! We have a hill in our front yard where we will do some sledding!


{2} I bought some soft, cozy flannel sheets at Target last week. They are so nice and warm! I changed my duvet to a blue/purple cover that I bought at West Elm several years ago (but had forgotten about). It goes well with the new flannel sheets! Will and Harper love to sit in our bed on the weekends when they wake up and eat Cheerios!


{3} Yummy! We found these delicious white chocolate peppermint M&Ms at Target last week.  They are so, so good! I didn’t realize how much my husband liked peppermint.  He said it’s one of his favorite flavors.  Mine is pumpkin, but I really like peppermint as well.  Now I’m in search of a chewy chocolate peppermint cookie recipe for Christmas!  Any suggestions on other peppermint desserts?


{4} I’m trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done in the next week or two and have been searching for some creative gift ideas for Will’s preschool teacher and aide.  I came across this cute DIY snow globe gift card holder   from The Creative Mama and thought it was so neat! I also pinned a few other gift ideas on Pinterest.


{5} Will and I created a countdown to Christmas chain last week.  We’re going to use this in conjunction with a list of 25 Christmas countdown activities.  More about this in an upcoming post, but the activities include making gingerbread and/or peppermint play dough, donating toys to Salvation Army, and creating snowflakes.  And no, I’m not one of those people who puts up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! The only thing I have put up is this chain, since there was no safe place in the house where Miss H. wouldn’t tear it apart, ha!